Obviously, we are a family that enjoys the written word.  We are voracious
readers, and are guilty of nothing less that word-hoarding.  We've hoarded
books for years, and since the advent of email - we've hoarded email
communications.  We hoard stories, quotes, poems, and letters.  We are quite
without remorse for an ounce of it!  

In this section of the website, I wish to share with you some of the most poignant
offerings of our collection.  We have been blessed to have poems written for
Avalon, and prose of encouragement forwarded to us.  Some of what you will find
I have kept for years, some has been shared during our recent trials.  All of it
speaks to my heart, and I hope some of it will to you too.
Thoughts about Moms
How to appreciate Life
Thoughtful Quotes
Avalon's Army of Angels
Words of Hope: