You are currently in the most important part of this website.  This is where I am
asking you to pledge something to the cause of pediatric cancer.  

I invite you to ponder over your gifts...and find ones that speak to your heart.  I
have pledged myself to the cause, and am willing to publicly share my weight loss
struggle with this humorous, but very real,  Fat-A-Thon.  While I do have a good
sense of humor, I'm very serious about raising your awareness of the struggles of
children with cancer.  

I am trying to move you to find your own way of helping these children.  My
weight loss can serve as a good yard stick for your own commitments.  Pledge to
donate money to
Avalon's Army of Angels for every pound I lose, or every 5, or
10...whatever you wish.  Or you could pledge to donate blood once for every 15
pounds I lose.  You could pledge a volunteer hour to the charity of your choice,
for each five pounds.  Pledge to send this website to 10 people for every 30
pounds...  You can pledge to give toys, time, cash,
anything...just try to learn to
give.  The possibilities are endless...

If you are truly as wacko as I am, you are welcome to join me in my Fat-a-Thon!  
Pledge to your own weight loss goals, and round up family and friends to pledge
money for each pound you lose.  Think how much of a jump start we could give
Avalon's Army of Angels!  

Within the next few days, I will post a PayPal "Donate" button below this
introduction.  The button will be linked to Avalon's Army of Angels' bank
account, and any money donated will go directly there.  Give me a day or two...I
have to get the bank information from the army, and learn how to install the
"button".  I'm still a hopeless, hapless beginner at this web stuff...

As for making pledges, I am requesting that you make your pledges as public as I
am making my commitment.  Its the funniest thing...when people know they are
going to be held accountable...they tend to follow through.  That's why I'm asking
you to think long and hard about what you wish to give.  Make sure you are willing
to really do it.  Of course, money for
Avalon's Army is always an easy option! :)

To post your pledges to the following pages, I need you to please email me at the
following address, with the subject of your email being
Pledge.  I will post all
Pledge emails, but will NOT post email addresses or last names, only last
initials. (Unless you
want your last name sure to tell me!)  New
Pledges will always go to the top of the first page, and you will be able to read
through them from newest to oldest, in reverse chronological order.  I will not
remove a
Pledge from the website until I've reached my goal weight of 132
pounds, and you've completed the pledge you've offered.  Face it, we're in this
together for a long time!!  
The email is:
Pledge to the Fat Lady

In addition to posting Pledges, I'd also like to post Wow! Thanks!.  As you
complete a part of your pledge, or the whole thing, send me another email with the
Wow! Thanks!.  I'll put the pledge and completion emails together in a
Look What We've Done  section of the website.  Again, no email addresses
or last names will ever be given.  Benefactors will be identified by first names
and last initial, or by a nickname if you prefer.  I don't want to invade your
privacy...I want to celebrate your generosity!
Achievements can be emailed to:
I did it!

So there you have it.  I pledge to lose 130 pounds.  I pledge to do it publicly,
openly and honestly.  I pledge to share the good and the bad with all of you, no
matter how much I'd rather crawl under a rock.  I'm sure several of you will
come here often to see if I've actually lost anything, or to peek into what is going
on in my life.  You're welcome to do that. My question to you is are you going to
just watch me working my keester off for the kids, or are you going to join me?

What are
YOU willing to do for kids with cancer????????
On to the Pledges!
Diary of a Fat Lady Gone Thin!
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