This website's name is no accident.  There have been plenty of lessons to be
learned during this journey we've begun.  Of them, we've learned that angels are
not always the gossamer-winged elusive creatures we've been led to believe.  
Angels wear workboots, high heels, sensible shoes and slippers.  They live in
suburbs, inner city houses, apartments and mansions.  They drive carpool, build
homes, run companies, heal the sick, and - generally speaking - make the world
go 'round.  Some of our angels are new in our lives, some we've known for
years...and never noticed their wings.  To all of them, we are eternally grateful.

The angels you'll find on the next few pages, never went looking for recognition.  
They are people we've known and loved for years, and people who have
embraced our family out of the sheer kindness of their hearts, during this trying
time.  We share their gifts of love with you... to inspire you.  We want you to know,
that no matter how small you think your contribution may the recipient, it
may mean the world.  

You can change a life with a simple thought.  Each prayer and loving wish sent to
our family has made a difference.  Every smile, every hug has helped us face that
day with renewed strength. Whenever we've thought we've reached the end of
our rope, there has been someone there to throw us a lifeline, with a call, an
email, a visit, or a listening ear.  Just knowing that people care enough to read
our emails and spend a few moments "with" our family - has given us the quiet
faith that we can make it through the next challenge.  

Basically, our message to you is to never doubt your ability to touch someone's
life.  We are all together in this journey, and if we reach out to each other, the
path will be richer and more fulfilling than we ever dreamed...

May each of you begin to recognize the angels in your life.  In turn,
may each of you grow wings as you reach out to your fellow man.
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