Hematology-Oncology staff
Introducing, Deborah.  Deborah is a housekeeper on
J-5, working mainly in the BMT rooms.  We have stayed
in two BMT rooms, and therefore were lucky enough to
get to know her.  Deborah enters a room surrounded
with sunshine.  She greets the children as if they were
royalty, and they respond in kind.  Avalon truly adores
her.  Deborah plays, encourages, and loves these kids
with all of her heart.  She always comes to visit Avalon
no matter what section we're in.  She remembers special
things about each child, and treats them like a beloved
aunt, rather than a staff member.  I love the time each
day she gets to come join us.  J-5 is blessed to have her.

Deborah told me once that she used to be sad about
having to miss church some Sundays to go to work.  
That is, until she realized she was closest to God when
she was with these kids.  God definitely loves her, I see
no other way that someone could sparkle as much as
she does.
Meet Jennifer, known around our house as Jen-fur.  Jennifer is a Heme-Onc floor
nurse.  Jennifer was one of our main caregivers during our diagnosis stay...and
entirely responsible for saving my sanity.  Jennifer is the angel who introduced me
to Kim, Abbey's mom.  She quietly did what the Heme-Onc nurses do the best,
knew when to break the rules to mend a heart.  By introducing Kim and I, she gave
me a lifeline back from the darkness...and I am eternally grateful.

Beyond the mushy stuff...we love Jen-fur because she's so much stinkin' fun!  Her
lilting southern accent and flashy smile would melt anyone's heart.  The easy
laugh, and downright goofy playfulness that come with them...well, they make her
as special as they come.  During the early weeks, Avalon would have nothing to
do with Jennifer.  In fact, she screamed every time poor Jennifer even looked in
the door!  It never phased Jennifer, she would come in smiling and teasing...  she
loved Avalon in spite of herself.  In fact, she loves them all...its obvious by how she
talks to them.   When you think you're at your wits end...you can't help but grin
when she smiles and waves.  She's rather infectious that way.

Jennifer had come to visit Avalon (she wasn't her nurse that day) as Avalon was
opening the box with this boa and crown.  Of course, they were a natural fit!  Once
dinner arrived, Avalon was more interested in eating her hot dog, rather than
"hot-doggin'" it, but Jennifer wasn't daunted.  She borrowed the finery and strutted
herself around the floor for laughs.  

We are all enormous "Jen-fur" fans around here.  And I'm lucky enough to feel that
I can call her a friend.  Funny, cute, goofy, and caring...yeah...she's got it all!
I'm going to get you!  Hee Hee Hee...
Baldy head smooches are the best!
Elmo and a book about pigs...it doesn't get any better than that!
Sometimes we meet friends in the strangest of places.  This is Felicia, another Heme-Onc floor nurse.  Felicia
and I are so much alike...its a tad freaky.  Maybe its the Alicia/Felicia thing...who knows?

Felicia is one of the rare breed of nurses who give themselves over entirely to their charges.  She loves each
child implicitly...more than some parents can ever aspire to.  She cares for their bodies, and does her best to
nurture their spirits.   When she speaks of other patients, her face glows as much as it does when she speaks of
her family.  She has taken these kids to heart, and is willing to pay the awful price that sometimes costs her.

Felicia will peek-a-boo, read, snuggle, or tickle...whatever she can to make a child smile.  I wish I would have
been there when a BMT room camera caught her doing a one-woman rendition of The Wizard of Oz!  My guess
is, it was darn near good enough for ticket sales...

My favorite part of Felicia is that I'm convinced she loves Avalon up to the sky and back.  I know other parents
are probably convinced of the same thing...that's the beauty that is Felicia...she can make anyone feel as if they
are the most important thing in the world.  She's warm, loving, witty, and a true joy to spend time with.  Could you
possibly find better attributes for a nurse?  Hmmm...I don't think so.  She was born to care...and we are here to
tell her she's wonderful at it!
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