Introducing:  Avalon's Army of Angels!
No, I haven't lost my crackers.  I'm oh so well aware that AA of A is the
moniker of this website.  Heck, I'm the one who agonized over creating it.  

The "Avalon's Army of Angels" that I am now officially introducing you a
new non-profit group formed by the very angels that are holding our hands
through this journey.

As our friends, and their friends and families,  have agonized over how they can
help us survive this tragedy...something wonderful came into being.  The people
who have chosen to embrace our family, found themselves falling in love with the
other cancer patients we described.  As they all learned more about the plight
of these children and their families...they determined they could no longer go
through their lives in separation.  They were now an intimate part of this
ramshackle cancer family.  They'd already given their hearts, now it was time to
give something tangible.

Avalon's Army of Angels is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state
of Ohio.  Several lawyers are generously lending their hands in the final
application process for the 501 (c) (3) federal non-profit status.  The army
already has directors, board members, and dedicated volunteers.  These people
don't fool around...they mean action!  If you like what you read, you can even
already donate to the Army...just go to any Bank One (Chase Manhattan) and tell
them you'd like to donate to Avalon's Army of Angels.  Bank One will take care
of the rest.

No one sees the Army as a short term fix...they see it as their new home, their
new cause to wrap their hearts around and give their effort to.  Avalon's Army
of Angels will serve the needs of pediatric cancer patients and families in ways
that are borne from the experiences of the families themselves.  Their hope is to
form a formiddable army, all working to free children and their parents from
some of the burdens of the battle they are raging.  As with our "Dinner Fairies",
Avalon's Army of Angels wants to encourage people to think "outside the box".  
Being active in a charitable group doesn't just mean writing a check.  The Army
hopes to make it mean so much more...

On the following pages you will find some of Avalon's Army of Angels Wish List.
 The list includes projects they want to raise funds for, find donations for, or
work toward developing.  You will find a myriad of possibilities for everyone of
any age or ability to contribute.  Open hearts need not be wealthy, they just
need to be willing to extend their love to someone who needs it.   Avalon's army
wishes to change the perception of giving to charity being only monetary in
nature.  Avalon's Army will encourage volunteer time, in-kind donations and
cooperation among pediatric cancer charities.
On to the goals!
Avalon's Army of Angels
The Army!