Avalon's Haven
This is by far the most ambitious wish of the Army.  They are seeking donation of a farm,
executive estate, or raw land...that can be developed into a Haven for pediatric cancer families
and charities,
Avalon's Haven.

The biggest obstacle faced by most individual families who wish to hold fundraisers, is the lack
of available space to do so.  Most halls require large rental fees and often will only rent if you
utilize their catering services as well.  By the time a family pays rental and catering fees,
monies raised are greatly diminished.  In addition, an overly stressed, time impaired family may
have difficulty finding the energy to organize a fundraiser, or lack the expertise in doing so.

One of the functions of
Avalon's Haven would be to have picnic shelters, stages and banquet
facilities available for free to people holding fundraisers for individual families.  The facilities
would also be free to other pediatric cancer charities.  The only price would be a commitment
of volunteer hours to the facility to assist in maintenance.  The goal is to have facilities of high
enough caliber that operating funds can be raised by renting them to the general public.

Funding will be sought to add small salon facilities as part of
Avalon's Haven.  The goal is to
find beauticians willing to donate one day a month to pamper mothers caring for children with
cancer, and to make over girls with cancer, struggling with their appearance.  The salon,
Look Like An Angel
,  could also be utilized in fundraising endeavors.  In addition, salon
facilities on-site would make
Avalon's Haven attractive to prospective brides.

Avalon's Haven would serve the needs of families in treatment, as well as those heartbroken
by the loss of a child.  Funding will be sought to install a large butterfly garden, the
Garden of
Angels' Wings
.  The garden is to be planted with flora specific to attracting birds and
butterflies.  It will have meandering wheel-chair friendly paths, quiet, private areas for
reflection, ponds and fountains.  Families who have lost loved ones will be able to install
statuary, plaques, or flora in honor of their children.  Most importantly, the garden would be the
site of an annual Spring butterfly release - in remembrance of angels lost.  As the number of
families releasing butterflies grows, the release could blossom into a wonderful community
awareness event and fundraiser.  

In addition to the
Garden of Angels' Wings, Avalon's Haven facilities would be available for
memorial services for children lost to cancer.  As with family fundraisers, planning assistance
would be available to families for free.  

Avalon's Haven will also be the collection and storage site for Avalon's Army of Angels gifting
programs.  Donations of toys, craft items, and gift basket fillers, will be collected, stored and
assembled there as they await dispersal at the hospital.  The storage and crafting facilities will
also serve the needs of Avalon's Army of Angels as it works to raise funds through sales of
merchandise to support the cause.  

Avalon's Haven will also have limited overnight facilities for a few guests.  If a family from out
of town wishes to hold a fundraiser there, the family would be able to stay on site to allow the
child a clean place to rest before, during, and after the event.  Speakers or talent that any
pediatric fundraiser or charity invites to Columbus, would also be welcome to stay.  Free
lodging for the talent of an event, will help organizers increase their profit margins.  The
accomodations would also be available as a service to Children's Hospital, for speakers or
consulting doctors in pediatric cancer.     

Avalon's Haven will truly be the heart of Avalon's Army of Angels.  Rather than only seeking
monetary contributions, the
Haven will allow people of any income to donate time and services
to the cause.  Anyone will be able to contribute, and everyone will be welcome.  
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