Jeannie and Travis Mackowiak's Wedding
Believe it or not, we actually had a
before cancer!  Jeannie and
Travis are mentioned several times
throughout this website.  The
following pictures are from their
wedding in September of 2004.  

Actually, these pictures were taken
at Sears, the day of the rehearsal
dinner.  We were afraid that Avalon
would be non-cooperative for
actual wedding photos.  Good
thing we know our kids!  Avalon
walked down the aisle like a
champ.  However, she steadfastly
refused to have anything to do with
photography that day.  At least we
were able to give these portraits to

The wedding took place three
weeks before Avalon's diagnosis.  
These pictures came back while we
were in the hospital for our
diagnosis stay.  They became my
beacon of hope.  I hung up the
10x13's in our room, and made
sure everyone saw my baby at her

As you can see from the pictures,
Avalon has always been a bit on
the twirpy side.  Chemo hasn't
stunted her growth, she's just tiny.  

Funny side note about these
fabulous dresses.  Avalon and
Ambrosia's dresses both started
out the exact same size.  We
bought the smallest size they had,
but it fit Ambrosia!  I had to
disassemble Avalon's dress and
entirely re-make it to custom fit her.
 And I mean
entirely re-make it,
down to the sash!

Our troubles didn't end there.  We
wanted sparkly red, Dorothy-type
shoes.  Guess what?  They didn't
make them small enough for
Avalon.  Luckily, we found similar
ones, and with so much dress fluff,
no one ever knew.  

The girls were "flower fairies" and
carried the wands you see them
holding, rather than flowers.  The
two little ones walked in together,
holding hands, leading the
wedding procession.  Up until they
arrived at the end of the
one knew if Avalon would actually
go through with it.  She amazed us
all and was a true diva - waving
and smiling like the princess she is!

Ambrosia loved every second of
the wedding weekend, especially
when she realized Jeannie's dress
matched hers.   At some point I'll  
attach the emails I wrote to friends
about the wedding.  They're a
good glimpse at our girls before
Are these the faces of two angels,
or what?
Aurora 9 years old
Ambrosia 3 years old
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