As I have said several times in this website, we are firmly committed to the
cause of pediatric cancer.  We have no money to be able to give to research, but
we have our voices and our story to share.  We hope that be sharing, we can
inspire those more financially blessed, to share their bounty.

In the spirit of sharing, we offered for Circle of Friends to use Avalon's image
in fundraising literature.  Avalon is a beautiful baby, with very "every baby"
features.  She loves to be photographed, and we love to see her gorgeous face.  
It was a perfect match for all concerned.  

The following pictures are a few of a large group of photos taken by Sarah
Smith of Kent Smith Photography in Columbus, OH.  Sarah and Kent are
dedicated supporters of Circle of Friends, and donated their services to further
the cause.  These are merely thumbnails of images offered for an upcoming
Circle of Friends event.  Kent and Sarah have kindly allowed us to share these
photos with you as well.  

As soon as we can, we will post more "finished" images (although I think these
are outstanding...), and any others that Sarah and Kent may share.  These
photographs are the exact kind of "out of the box" donations that I mention in
the Avalon's Army section.  Sarah is a gifted photographer.  By lending her
talents to Circle of Friends, she has created images that will speak to people's
hearts for years to come.  A picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words...
Family Album:
Avalon's Army of Angels
On to family portraits by Sarah Smith
at Kent Smith photography