The following links are for businesses and non-profit groups that deserve your attention and
disposable income.  These are companies and organizations that truly give money to pediatric
cancer.  Ours is a fight against time and odds.  All too often, children fall between the cracks of
society - as we adults fight for ourselves.  The following groups have dedicated themselves to
fighting for children.  They are to be admired.
Give blood...Give life!
This is our hospital.  

There is so much you can do from here!  You can send e-cards to patients by 1) go to Patient &
Family Resources, 2) Staying at Children's, 3) Send a Greeting card.  

If you want to give to Pediatric cancer go to the
"Giving" or "What Can I do?" sections and look for
Circle of Friends.  Your dollars will actually go
to pediatric cancer research, not adult research, not frivolous advertising.  I have good friends on
the governing board.   I trust these friends with my heart and my family... my money is nothing
compared with that.  Once we're out of this nightmare, I can guarantee you I'll be one of those
volunteers.  I'm in this fight forever.
Adventures For Wish Kids
6863 Oak Creek Drive
Columbus, OH 43229
Attn: Jeff Damron, Executive Director

AFWK is an amazing organization that dedicates itself to the families of children with life-threatening
illnesses.  AFWK arranges for several outings each year - where the entire family is welcome to
enjoy themselves without the stresses of their daily lives.  AFWK recognizes that siblings and
parents also struggle through the pains of a child with medical challenges.  Their goal is to bring joy
to everyone in the household.  Please check our angel section (entry coming soon) for lots of
details about their wonderful work.
Kids 'n Kamp
3440 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202

This organization serves the needs of pediatric cancer families in imaginative ways.  There are
"Mom's night out" and "Dad's night out" meetings once a month.  There are retreats for parents,
counseling and support groups for families, and grief support for the worst tragedies.  They work
toward public and political awareness of pediatric cancer, and try their best to provide fun activities
for patients both in-house and through camps.  
Build a Bear workshop has its own pediatric cancer research foundation.  Look for links to the
foundation information on their company website.  Please also see our angel entry about their
founder, Maxine Clark
Avalon's Army of Angels