Avalon's Army of Angels
July 28 , 2008
Healing Hogs...
Subject:  Healing Hogs...

Actually, that should be Healing "Hawgs", as in the
Delaware Road Hawgs of Delaware, OH.  

We met these wonderful people back in May of
2008, about a week before the awful shunt surgery.
 We volunteered to work at a Poker Run that
benefits Chapel Hill House in Morrow, OH.  Chapel
Hill is a log cabin that local pediatric cancer families
can stay in for a weekend of respite.  It was pure
magic for our family, so we were thrilled to be able
to help support it.

The day of the Poker Run, we arrived at Chapel Hill
House, slightly before the riders.  It was an
awesome sight watching them ride in.  The bikes
filled the front lawn of the cabin.  My girls chatted
with them, and I helped give tours of the cabin,
explaining its purpose, and what its like to stay
there.  We met some amazing men and women that

As the bikers began to leave, I realized I hadn't
gotten my hands on each of them.  I very quickly
tried to make my way through the ranks in a
army-style "Hug Attack".  I am so grateful to these
people!  None of them had been touched by
childhood cancer, they were just doing this out of
the kindness of their hearts.  In my mind, there is
no greater gift than that of a generous heart.  I'm
sure I surprised a couple of them, but the warm
hugs I got back, certainly proved my point as to
how genuine they all were.

Later that evening, we went to the local American
Legion hall and helped serve a fundraising dinner
to any interested post-poker run bikers and to local
townspeople.  We had more opportunities to chat
with the bikers and answer questions about Avalon,
and her impending brain surgery.

Move forward to last week.  As our friends have
taken the idea of a Card Storm to heart, they've
shared our address and Avalon's story with their
friends.  In yet another chapter of, "Its a Small
World, After All....", it turns out that one of the
bikers from Chapel Hill House, is a local firefighter.  
He received my email as a forward from a friend of
Nick's who works for the township.  Tyler
immediately emailed me and offered to anything he
could to help.

The next day, Stu, another biker from CHH, emailed
that a few of the bikers from the Poker Run would
like to ride out to deliver Avalon's card from the
Delaware Road Hawgs, in person.  Sounded great
to me!  

And you know what?  It was!!  

Our new friends arrived about 6:20.  They came
bearing the card, but also brought some pretty
special gifts.  They had attended yet another
charity poker run this past weekend.  They bought
Avalon one of the auction items, a Build-a-Bear
stuffed monkey,  dressed like a biker.  He's a hoot!!

"Hawgs" as the monkey is so aptly named, comes
complete with do-rag, Harley T-shirt, jeans, Harley
chaps, and boots.  He's absolutely adorable, and
destined to be her bedmate this week.  

They also made Avalon an official member of their
club.  They brought her a Hawg t-shirt, just like all
of theirs.  I had them sign the t-shirt, and I'm going
to embroider their signatures on it today.  Look for
it in hospital pictures - its one of the pajamas that
I'm taking!

They also brought gift bags for Avalon, and for my
other girls.  And lest I forget, they brought Annie!  
Annie is the wife of the late Larry, the mastermind
and master heart behind Chapel Hill House.  We
absolutely ADORE Annie, she's a real gem.  I'm
sorry I never had a chance to hug Larry in person.

No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't convince
the Hawgs to come in and stay a while.  We had
lasagna and beer - and still couldn't coax them.  
But they stayed long enough for tons of hugs, lots
of pictures, and as you can see...lessons in proper
do-rag application.  

Most importantly, they stayed long enough to take
about 10 tons of weight from my shoulders.  How
can you meet virtual strangers who love your child
enough to come do something like this...and not
feel better?  How can I hold onto the negative,
when the positive is flowing in epic proportions?  
Well, I can't.  I feel about 100% better than I did
even a few short days ago.  And I thank the Road
Hawgs for playing a huge part in that.

And while I'm placing blame for my Improved
Attitude...I have to say
Its all your fault!  With the
emails, cards and phone calls we've received this
week, I'd have to be the most sullen, sour human
alive to not be in a better mood!  I'm not sour, and I
am in a WAAAAAYYYY better place than I was a
few days ago.  THANK YOU!!!  I'm actually starting
to feel a lot more like the old irreverent, ornery,

Be afraid, be very, very afraid....

Avalon still has no idea what's up.  Ambrosia
definitely suspects something, but little miss
brain-damaged hasn't got a clue!  That whole
short-term memory stuff works in our favor every
now and then...

So, for now, please accept my deepest Thanks,
and enjoy the Road Hawg pics.  The people you
see have hearts even bigger than their bikes.  
There really are still good people left in the world.  
Never doubt that!!
The most beautiful Hawgs I've ever seen!
Signing the shirt...
We love "Hawgs!"
Yes, there is even a chain above his left
hip pocket.  Ba haa haa haa!!!
The snaps on the chaps are
actually Harley Davidson logos!