Avalon's Army of Angels
August 7, 2008
Off to the State Fair! - Lego Page
These are all scenes from Ohio.  They are all done in Legos.  According to
the signs (like the one in the lower Left corner of this picture) the club
does not use glue.  I'm guessing, they may use a bit of beer though...
The Ohio Statehouse - this is a side view
Not sure what city  - someone smarter than me
will have to identify it.
Part of Ohio State Fairgrounds - the yellow building is one of my favorites -
the bunny and chicken barn!
More State Fair...look at the rides!  I love the marching band too.
One of the entrances to the fair.  There is another band, and an equestrian
event in the background.  I love the ticket windows!
Be afraid...be very, very afraid....
One view of Lake Erie.  These people have fabulous senses of humor.  In the
upper right hand corner, you can barely see the para-sailer, who is dropping
into a circle of waiting sharks.  There is a coast guard boat on the way to his
rescue.  In the lower center, there are 3 aliens on the beach, organizing a
crab takeover of the planet...
Another Lake Erie shot.  Dead center in the picture, you can kind of see a small
outcropping going into the lake.  Aurora spotted this scene, and we laughed so
hard, people stared at us.  This won't be funny to you unless you're a Dirty Jobs
fan, like we are.  Mike Rowe and the Dirty Jobs show filmed one of their
episodes at an OSU research lab on Lake Erie.  The dirty job was to catch a
certain kind of snake, and take them back to the lab for measuring and sexing.  
The show was hysterical, the snakes bit Mike like they were on a mission to get
even with all mankind.  Mike has used segments from the taping on several of his
"best of" shows, because frankly, they're laugh out loud funny.  Take a glance at
the center of this picture...then look at the close up below.
Baaa haa haa......
OK, the McDonalds is cute.  The monkey in the tree in front of it, adorable.  
The laugh out loud thing was the cheap motel behind the McDonalds.  There were
cleaning ladies pushing housekeeping carts, but that didn't make us guffaw.  It
was the business men going in and out of rooms with briefcases...and the ladies
of the evening at the street corner!  Ahhh Haa haa haaa!!!!!!
No caption necessary....