Avalon's Army of Angels
August 8, 2008
Olympic Card Event
What a fun day!  We held our own Olympic event - card opening!  The map gained lots and
lots of smiles (our USA map is marked with glittery smile faces).  I'm having to send Nick back
out for more posterboard - I've filled what we already have.  This is turning into far, FAR
more than a Card
Storm...we've definitely reached full out Card Hurricane!  We're having so
much fun.  Its definitely a full family event.  

We did have one downer dee down today.  One of our cats required emergency surgery.  
"Biff" suddenly developed a giant hematoma in his ear, necessitating surgery to remove it.  
Dorky cat, we have no idea what he did.  Strangely enough, we knew exactly what was
wrong, because this same cat had a hematoma in his other ear, 4 years ago.  Back then, the
blood clot developed because our Great Dane tried to play with him, and stepped on his
head.  This time?  No clue.  But, $194.05 later (seriously, you'd think they'd lob off the .05
cents) we picked him up good as new.  OK, groggy and grumpy - but fixed.  No big drama,
just a big payout.  Ugh.

As for Avalon, she just rested today, after such a big day yesterday.  She and Ambrosia
went back and forth between listening to cards and letters, and quietly sitting on the couch
playing dolls and pretend.  Their dolls experienced brain surgery today - complete with an
argument with a PICU doctor who "should listen to me!"  (from Avalon).  I didn't realize she
was "listening" when I had my rather heated discussion in ICU.  Hmmm...can't decide if I'm
upset that she really knew what was happening, or happy that she knows I advocated for
her.  Other cancer friends have often reported that their kids also knew more about their
health than what the parents thought.  I guess this is my turn.

Doll play is good for the heart and soul.  One minute, the dolls can be having brain surgery,
then next they're princesses, arguing over whose castle is bigger.  Nothing can't be worked
through in Dolly-world.  

Our evening was devoted to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I even picked Aurora
up a little early from the local waterpark - so we wouldn't miss too much of the ceremony.  
(she was livid, I'm "uncool", she'll get over it)  Nick was off playing cards (men!  They just
don't get it...), so it was a mommy-night.  Good thing too.  Nick might have tried to be the
voice of reason, and totally killed my efforts at being Worst Mom of the Year.  I let the kids
stay up and watch the
entire opening ceremony.   Yes, that's right - I ruined my kids for life
by letting them stay up to midnight.  Avalon certainly didn't make it, neither did Anam.  But
Aurora, Ambrosia, and I made it to see every last second of the glorious dancing, fireworks,
and parade of nations.  Children's services be damned - I'll let them stay up for the closing
ceremonies too.  Ha!

After all, we've had our own Olympic events this Summer.  Ours just didn't come with all that
pomp and circumstance.  I sure like the televised ones better than ours!