Avalon's Army of Angels
August 11, 2008
Back to the vet
Dorky cat.  Remember that Biff had emergency surgery on Friday?  Well, back to the vet we
went today.  This is what I needed when I'm trying to clean for our impending visit from our
homeowners.  Grrrrrr......

Over the weekend, Biff's ear kind of "blew up" again.  I called the vet, and he assured me it
wouldn't hurt to wait until today for him to check Biff out.  OK, I thought, no biggie.  That is,
until I called the office this morning, only to be admonished that they expected me first thing
when they opened!  Well, hold my socks and call me Tilly.  I'm darn sorry I don't live and die
by the vet's schedule.  I only have 4 kids, a mountain of chores, and a life to live.  After giving
me grief, the girl grudgingly decided to allow me to stop in with the mangled kitty.  A brief
inspection, and humiliating "cone" later, he and I were winging our way home.  

Biff is currently the glorified King of the upstairs bath.  He's oh-so-proud of his new
not.  I can hope he'll learn his lesson and not pull dorky cat tricks anymore.  I can
hope, but I won't hold my breath.