Avalon's Army of Angels
August 14, 2008
Pretty boring day here.  After yesterday's excitement, Avalon slept until after 10 am.  
Its simply exhausting talking a mile a minute and grinning like its your job.  

We had a lazy days morning and didn't gear up to run errands until after lunch.  Our
first errand was checking out the local YMCA.  We put Aurora's name in the lottery
to be allowed to join the swim team.  She's pretty desperate to find an outlet to be
able to interact with kids her age; she's enjoyed them so much while volunteering at
the zoo.  With the crush of kids who are enamored with the Olympics, it may be a
pipe dream for this year.  Call me dorkus, I never thought watching something on TV
would make people run for the nearest pool.  Poor Aurora, she's been bugging me
for a year to find her a swim team...it figures we'd just learn about one this week.  
Such is life under a rock. Totally clueless...

The second errand was to Kids N Kamp to pick up our passes for a fundraising
event on Saturday.  Hope Street Kids is having their annual event at the Columbus
Zoo.  Hope Street is a charity that raises money for pediatric cancer research.  I'll
explain more about it in Saturday's entry, but for now - just know we're HUGE fans of
Hope Street.  

While we were at KNK, Ambrosia and Avalon were "working the crowd" at the office.  
They hugged and smooched their way around the office, hitting all the staff.  They
managed to finesse their way to the sucker jar, but warmed my jaded heart when
they remembered to ask for suckers for sissy and brother too.  Ahhh...I've done
something right, if they all think of each other - even when contemplating sugar on a
stick.  After several excited discussions about the impending family camp - we were
off to the next stop.  

Stop three was the bank...
boring to everyone, including mom.  Technically, the
grocery store should have been stop 4, but mom woke up with a nasty cold - and by
now, I had decided my freckles each weighed 5 lbs.  Considering the 2 billion spots I
own...its not hard to discern why the car aimed home, instead of toward Krogers.  

It all sounds pretty benign, doesn't it?  The boring life of an aging stay-at-home
mom.  Yes, that's exactly where I would like to leave it.  In fact, even our
post-errands activities seem non-plus.  I came home and croaked on the couch, and
Aurora was nice enough to put the spaghetti on.  While the noodles boiled,
Ambrosia and Avalon headed out to play for a while.  Playing outside has been a
very rare treat this Summer.  From constantly having to heal a new incision, to
oppressive heat and humidity for over a month, to two lunatic neighbors who delight
in screaming at the girls...its been an under-whelming outdoors Summer.  A green
light from mom to actually go hit the grass, brought squeals and begging for bubbles
and toys.  So far, so good.  

Much to the girls' delight, our neighbor Justin came home after they'd been out a
while.  Justin, like fresh air and bugs, has been in short supply this Summer.  He's
had as crazy of a Summer as we have.  So, no matter how loud Anam screamed, or
how much my arms were attempting to separate themselves from my torso...it did my
too-pooped-to-pop heart good, to see the girls playing tag with Justin.  They were
giggling, rolling in the grass, and thoroughly enjoying what it is to be a kid....until.

Until...I called them in for the night, and Avalon collapsed on the couch with a bone
crushing headache.  

Until...Avalon admitted that the headache hit while they were running (for only a few
minutes), but she didn't want to tell me, she thought I'd be angry.

Until...Avalon said she convinced them to lay on the ground, because she was trying
to make the pain go away...

Until...mom's heart sunk.  She's not supposed to get headaches like that now.

Like I said in the title...DAMN