Avalon's Army of Angels
September 6, 2008
Friends of Chapel Hill House Spaghetti Dinner
Tonight was a fundraiser for one of our favorite places on earth, Chapel Hill House.  
The fundraiser was put on by the Friends of Chapel Hill House, an organization that
raises money so families like ours can have a respite weekend there, for free.  Five of
our Delaware Road Hogs friends are part of the Friends of CHH.  You may remember,
the Road Hogs are the wonderful people who have adopted Avalon.  We love these
people, they've embraced Avalon in a way that touches our hearts and uplifts our souls.
 Put Chapel Hill House and Road Hogs together, and you can certainly count on us to
be there!

We had a great time, hugged some fantastic people, and ate potentially the  best
spaghetti on the planet.  I'm pretty sure you can chalk this up as one of those perfect

Thank you Friends of Chapel Hill House.  We LOVE YOU!