Avalon's Army of Angels
September 8, 2008
Remembering Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
When I constantly remind you that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I do so
for a reason.  I shriek from the rooftops for the children who can't.  I cry for the parents who
will hear news no parent can fathom.  I remind you to think about our kids, because of words
I'm forced to read about people I've come to love....  

I need you to understand what Childhood Cancer can do............
Eden, Avalon, and Ambrosia,  Hope Street Kids
event at the Columbus Zoo - 8-16-08

Thursday, August 28. 2008
Posted by Lisa Adams at 15:37

Based on the scan last week, Eden has progressed pretty much everywhere. She has started
to have painful bumps on her head which are tumors.

We had a long talk with Dr. Yeager last week and he suggested we move from a treatment
plan to a pain management plan and let nature take its course. The biggest issue is that fungal
infections in her lungs is still probably present and lowering her immune system could likely
cause problems that she wouldnt be able to recover from. We have been to hell and back
trying to figure out if its time to give in and in the end we feel that Eden still has a lot of fight in
her. We are pushing Dr. Yeager and Dr. Mosse to do one more round of MiBG therapy in
Philly and Dr. Mosse has agreed to see Eden next Wed and hopefully start treatment on
Friday. There is no promise made that once she sees Eden she will allow us to go forward with
the treatment but it is the first step in the right direction.

If we stop treatment now and just control pain until the end Eden will likely start to have more
and more pain and possibly other side effects such as seizures and God only knows what. If
we do this treatment she has a 50% chance of dying from comlications from it. However it
would probably be a much faster painless way to go and there is always a chance it could give
her another 4,6, 8 months..... Of course there is NO way for us to know if what we are doing is
the best thing for her but all we can do is follow our gut and pray!
If you tell five people about this site, about our kids...maybe we can work together to end this...
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