Avalon's Army of Angels
September 14, 2008
Wind blows and power goes
Wow - Auntie Em had nothing on Ohio today....  Good grief, I think Toto, that nasty bike lady,
and all of their 3rd cousins blew through this afternoon.  

Today was a meeting for Aurora's new swim team.  (OK, the
team isn't new - Aurora's new - at
being a member of it.)  Tonight's meeting, was to educate all of us young uns on how a swim
team works.  Check.  Let's just say - I sat there feeling dorkish, dumb, and way out of my
league.  I was so far out of my comfort zone, I'm reasonably sure I was channeling Homer
Simpson for his "Doh!"  

The real news is, as we sat there, feeling like complete outcasts - Aurora and I start noticing
things outside the window.  The cute little landscape trees were not as much "trees" anymore,
as they were set decorations for Seussical the Musical.  Their vertical positions had been
traded for something far closer to the hypotenuse of a right triangle.  Then, we began seeing
things flying past the window - OZ style.  As we began to exchange looks of
concern....the lights began to flicker...  

And yet...the coach went on.

Then the lights began to go off - for extended periods of time...  

And yet...the coach went on.  

The bendy trees and airborne debris, were soon joined by unearthly howling as gale force
winds wound their way around the building.....

And yet...the coach went on.

And eventually, the lights went OUT.  And stayed that way.  So after much caterwauling that
practice is never canceled, except for the occasional "hygienic emergency", practice was
canceled by act of God - and the YMCA.  They sent us packing - due to a lack of electricity.  

And yet...the coach went on - to complain about the inconvenience of it all.   

OH - if only she had known.....

Aurora and I left the Y, did a beautiful "man walking in the wind" mime interpretation walking to
the car, and fought our way home.  We arrived to find the rest of our clan living in darkness,
unwilling to open the 'fridge and let out cold air, and starving.  After waiting for the
Winds-of-Death to subside enough we could dare to venture out, we aimed for the high road
and a restaurant.  Oh how uninformed we were!  Little did we know - most of the city was out
of power!  

And thus began our saga of "Life on the edge", living with 4  kids, in a modern house - with
no power, for days.  God Bless the Universe for plunking me down in the modern era.  I may
like dressing up like the Rennaissance...but crap if I'd want to live there!  Give me electricity -
or give me death!  

The above ranting was written long after the power came back on.  Duh.
The winds were so strong, they picked one neighbor's trampoline
up and plopped it down on another neighbor's porch!  Insane.