Avalon's Army of Angels
September 28 , 2008
Miracle Miles at OSU
Today was a fun event.  We were invited to
attend the Miracle Miles 5K for the kids - at Ohio
State University.  Miracle Miles is one of the
fundraising activities that are part of the
Buckeyethon at OSU.  

Buckeyethon is a dance marathon that raises
money for Nationwide Children's Hospital, and
Children's Miracle Network.  We've been
honored to attend Buckeyethon for the past 3
years, as one of many patient families.  We've
been able to personally thank the students for
all their hard work for our kids.  I have never
been more proud to be a Buckeye - than every
time I get to see those kids raising money for
Children's.  When I was in college, sick kids were
so far from my radar screen, they may as well
have been in an alternate reality.  I'm so
touched by these wonderful college kids, I'm a
complete goo every time I think about it.

Today's race is one of the things they do to
spread awareness and raise funds.  We
attended the race with other patient families, to
kind of show the runners what they're running
for.  We helped start the race, and stood at the
finish line and cheered like crazy people for the
runners as they streamed by.  I'm sure most of
them had no idea why we were there - but we
certainly enjoyed being able to yell for them.  
The organizers were thoughtful, and had simple
outdoor games and some coloring things to
occupy the kids before the race.  They welcomed
us to share in the food they had for the runners,
and even included the kids in the award
ceremonies.  The children were asked to help give
out the medals to the winners, and then helped
draw the names and announce the winners of the
raffle items.  Avalon didn't really understand much
of it, but Ambrosia was THRILLED to be invited to
help out too.  

Most of the time, Ambrosia is forced to stand on
the side line, while Avalon,
the  patient child, is
asked to "do" things.  What most groups don't
realize - is that the siblings of patients often suffer
emotionally as much as the patient.  After all, its
the sibling that gets dragged to appointments,
puts up with drug-induced behaviors, and hears,
"No, we can't do that because of sissy..."  You get
the idea.  Today, Ambrosia got to be important
too.  That was

I also have to give a shout out to Aurora for today.
 She truly stepped up to the plate, and "took one
for the team".  In true Picklehead fashion, Anam
was being a rat fink.  He griped, groaned, argued,
and fit-pitched.  Generally speaking, he was awful.
 Aurora was WONDERFUL - and took him to the
car, so we could finish the event.  She dealt with
him for nearly an hour, to allow the other two to
experience the event in relative peace.  Would she
have wanted to help hand out medals or call raffle
numbers?  No, probably not.  None-the-less, she
traded any chances at fun, for time in the car with
demon-boy, so we could support the hospital and
the college kids.  I think she deserves a Block O
standing ovation for that.  (for the non-Buckeyes,
Block O is a section of the OSU horseshoe
stadium that does crazy cheering)  

All in all, it was a fun morning.  We got to spend
time with people we love and catch up with people
we don't see very often.  We met lots of new
people, and had fun cheering on runners that
made 5 kilometers look disgustingly easy.  We
even got to see our foundation friend, Bryan's
personal brick outside of the stadium!  (That's him
posing with his brick in the picture above.)  Simple
fun, good people, and a great cause.  I'll call this
an A+ day!  
We love the Ohio State University
students!  Click the Buckeyethon link
below and see what they do for our local
Children's Hospital.
Totally not feeling it right now...
OK, putting a medal on is fun
Picking out names is OK
Christina - we love her!
Back to bored...
Ambrosia LOVED getting to participate!
Aren't they just ADORABLE?!!!

(say "Yes", or I'll hunt you down...)