Avalon's Army of Angels
September 30, 2008
Not posting much this week - too busy with life.  I've got an awful cold and wish to do
nothing more than sit in a corner of the couch and whine.  What I
am doing is cleaning with
frantic fury, and working overtime with Ambrosia on school.  We leave on vacation in a few
days - and we're sooooo
not ready!  

We're fine here, just really busy with life stuff.  Avalon is OK.  Still dropping things, still
falling, still crying a lot, still emotional.  We're worried that her pressure is up, but with the
decompressions - at least we know it won't reach a critical/damaging level.  Although,
waiting to get that new shunt is making me nuts.  Can you tell I have the patience of a gnat?

Wish me luck on packing!