Avalon's Army of Angels
October 4, 2008
Farewell to Friends
Today was supposed to be the start of our long-anticipated Williamsburg vacation.  However,  
we had something so important to do - we didn't mind pushing back our departure a day.  
Today, we had to say Good Bye to new friends.  In a word - it stunk.  

Our friends, Doug and Lori, were generous enough to introduce us to one of Lori's work
friends this Summer.  Coleen is a clothing designer, and was a relatively new transplant to this
country - having been hired from the UK.  Coleen's daughters, Yasmin and Melika, are
between Ambrosia and Aurora's ages.  The girls all became fast friends during a pool party at
Doug and Lori's house.  We shared many laughs this Summer and had looked forward to
years of happy memories.  

Sadly, when moronic corporate meanies decided to close Limited Too - both Lori and Coleen
lost their positions.  Because Limited Too had hired Coleen as a designer from England, it
meant that her ability to legally stay in the states was tied to her employment.  No job - meant
no visa.  Coleen's talents had other companies begging to talk to her, but frankly, the ruthless
job loss stole more than income from her.  It stole her stability, and her confidence.  Coleen
arrived in America full of promise and excitement.  Not quite two years later, she has  been
robbed of both and financially smacked down like a bug at a picnic.  My new friend, is utterly
over the United States - and its lack of common corporate decency.  Frankly, I don't blame her
one bit.  

So tonight, we had to go say our final goodbyes to our new friends.  Coleen received news
yesterday that the moving company was able to squeeze her in the first of next week.  If we
didn't go tonight - they would all be gone when we came back.  It was a no-brainer, go and
hug like you've never hugged before - for you may never get the chance again.  

The party itself was a ton of fun.  We barely saw the girls, they ran non-stop with Yasmin,
Melika, and their friends.  We met more of Lori and Coleen's work friends, and got to finally
see the beautiful house they were having to leave behind.  I think I experienced a 1000
different emotions as I vacillated from having fun, to being sad we wouldn't be doing this
anymore, to being angry at corporate greed.   

I'm trying to stick with that "better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
philosophy.  I'm trying to remind myself that we would have missed out on something
wonderful if we hadn't had the pleasure of meeting Coleen and the girls.  I'm
trying to stay
positive.  But darn it, I
really enjoyed spending time with them.  Coleen made me laugh like I'd
known her for decades.  Its rotten to have to say good bye to that.  Worse, I know how bad my
friend is hurting - and I'm powerless to fix it.  Yes, I wish for 10,000 camel fleas to inhabit the
nether regions of the  man who caused all of this.  May he never know peaceful privates

To my dear friend, Coleen, I sincerely, honestly hope that tonight was merely a "Good Bye for
now".  I hope to see you, laugh with you, and hug your socks off again some day.  I'm glad we
met - even if it means I have to miss you now.  May you go home and find Peace and much
Prosperity.  You all deserve it.  

God Speed, my friend.  Be safe and be happy.  I wish you enough.