February 15, 2005
Aurora's Emergency Appendectomy
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 4:10 PM
Subject: REALLY tired of this...

Yep, I'm darn tired of sending you guys these rotten emails, but a promise is a promise...

Relax, Avalon is just peachy.  As of Thursday, she won't be...but for now she's A-OK.

Aurora, on the other hand, has definitely had better days.  (For those of you on our "forward
list" - Aurora is our 10 year old.)  Aurora is having an emergency appendectomy this
afternoon.  She's at Children's Hospital in Columbus, awaiting an OR.  I'm on my way out the
door - my sister is here with the two little ones.  Thankfully, appendectomies are pretty routine,
its just an overnight stay.  I'll email all of you with an update later - for now, I just wanted to
pass along our news.  

Yeah - I'm on board for firing the "script-writer" for our family!  Arghh...I've had quite enough of
this.  Besides, its back to bubble wrap for poor Ambrosia - the universe is gunning for her!

If anyone wants updates, you can always call Annette at our house (614-476-6933).  She'll
have all current info.  Aurora doesn't even have a room yet - just hanging out in the ER.

Love to all of you!
Alicia, Nick, Aurora, Ambrosia, and Avalon
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