Companion email to Diagnosis Letter
This was the companion email to the first letter.  These pictures were taken the week after
diagnosis, Oct 2004.

- Alicia
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2004 4:14 PM
Subject: Avalon pictures

These are pictures taken over the last three days.  The bruises and spots on Avalon's hand
and arm, are examples of her numerous battles with a needle.  Her IV now comes out of a
permanent port that is surgically placed under her chest wall.  The port has been life altering.  
Nurses can now take blood and give meds with no pain.  In the port photos, she is seriously
drunk from sedation given for her eccocardiogram.  She was looney and actually very funny.  

The smiles you see are rare, she usually looks more like the pictures with the yellow outfit.  
But she does smile, and she does play, sometimes for 5 or ten minutes.  Then she will sleep
for a few hours.  In future emails, I will try to explain what she will be going through, and what
we can expect.  For now, I want you to remember just how perfect and beautiful Avalon is,
rather than concentrating on the medical procedure she has become.
Avalon's Army of Angels