Avalon's Army of Angels
February 1, 2009
Finally playing in the snow
Today was the first day we've been able to take the kids out in the snow.  Up until now, its been
so bitter, ridiculously cold - it hasn't been safe for them to be out.  Daddy was home today, and
he's a giant child - so it was time to bundle up the munchkins for a trip into to the Great White
Hope.  This has to be one of the weirdest snow experiences I've had.  Because we've had
snow then ice, then snow/ice mix then super freezes...the snow might have been several
inches thick..but you didn't sink in.  Seriously...it was cracker crazy.  I am not, I repeat
not a
fleet-footed lightweight.  I'm rather more elephantine in nature and stature.  And yet, even I was
walking across the surface of the snow - as if I'd suddenly either developed an affinity with
water sprites, or recently acquired a worship-worthy talent.  The absurdity of it was enthralling.

I managed to separate myself from my intrigue, long enough to take about a zillion pictures.  In
the retina-burning brightness of sun-on-snow reflections, I had no idea if any  of them were
worth a hoot - until I returned to the safety and ocular comfort of my happy little domicile.  I'm
pleased as punch to report that quite a few of my attempts were fruitful.

I documented the endless snow battles between an oversized man-child and his progeny, and
their cooperative efforts to build "the best snowman
ever!  I captured a 10 point take down of a
teenager, and the "ha-ee" prowess of would-be future Blue Jacket.  I must say...I'm rather
happy with my shutter buggy self.

If you need a grin, or simply having nothing better to do with your time...I hope you enjoy the
pics.  We certainly enjoyed making them!
On the way out - smooth snow, dry bodies
The battle begins!
Don't worry, there's more where that came from...
Look at the mid-air snowballs in front of the tree
Best hockey snowman, ever!  He's got crazy hair, missing teeth, and a crooked nose..
Hockey Anam!
Hope you enjoyed our Snow Day!