Avalon's Army of Angels
February 2, 2009
Avalon's wheelchair
I know you've seen Avalon's fancy pants Christmas wheelchair in previous pictures, but we
wanted to make sure we documented it well before we changed it to Valentine's decorations.  
Originally, we planned to change it much closer to the first of the year.  But Avalon LOVED the
glowing snowmen, and with all of the snow and ice through February - they seemed utterly
appropriate.  With Valentine's upon us, its time to bid our little friends adieu...until next holiday
season.  At some point, I'll post pictures of the Valentine re-do.  

I want to give a shout out to Avalon's "Pappo", my father.  Pappo is the one who found the
spectacular snowmen lights.  He is also the one who combed stores during after-Christmas
sales - looking for wreaths we could use during the rest of the year.  Thanks to Pappo, we
have shiny red wreaths for Valentine's, the Fourth of July, and OSU events.  (we will simply
change what's in the middle of the wheel/wreath.  Pappo also found gold wreaths that look like
sparkling suns.  The "yellow" (her words) wreaths are by far Avalon's favorites!  

Don't worry about Avalon missing her light-up wheels.  I found white LED battery-operated
lights on Ebay.  Any day now, two strings of
30 lights each should be arriving on our doorstep!  
While they won't be the super-fantastic color-changing snowmen, they should be bright
enough to keep her giggling all year long.  

May each of you find the silly, simple little thing that makes your day 'brighter' today!  
Avalon's Christmas wheels had a silver
holographic wreath.  Wherever the wreath was
attached to the wheel, we also hung a large
jinglebell.  The final touch was the FANTASTIC
string of snowman lights.  
The snowman lights were battery-operated,
so they were perfectly portable.  They
were LED, color-changing lights, so they
put on an ever-changing display.