Avalon's Army of Angels
February 17, 2009
Avalon and headaches
The prodigal sickies returneth!  And no matter how ookie and mookie they were, they still had
an AMAZING time at Grammo and Pappo's.  Who wouldn't?  Their every whim is catered to,
they're the center of the known Universe, and they LOOOOOOOVE every second of it.  

Poor Grammo and Pappo, I'm pretty sure Avalon aged them considerably.  You see, for the last
two years, a headache from Avalon was scary stuff.  Headaches meant trips to the ER, possible
shunt failures, high pressure.  In a word, headaches meant PANIC.  I sent a 'healthy' Avalon to
Dayton on Sunday, only to receive a slightly freaked out phone call on Monday about a
headache.  Thanks to the Glorious Dr. Kosnik, and Avalon's giant holes in her skull, headaches
are now nearly as benign as they are annoying to all of us.  Sure, a
severe headache, or
several days of a headache would be heart stopping.  But a good old-fashioned,
fever/headache combo is just as normal and miserable for Avalon now as it is for anyone.  
Wahoo for
normal misery!  :-)

Meanwhile, its day 2 of 102 degree fevers and BLECK for poor little Anam.  He's cranky,
"oo-ee" (his word for Avalon's word ookie) and just plain rotten to deal with.  I love my tiny
man...but he'd try the patience of a Saint today.