Avalon's Army of Angels
February 21, 2009
Believe it or not...
February 22, 2009
St. Baldrick's
For more information about
St. Baldrick's and the amazing work
they do, please check out their website:
To go directly to Nick's page on the St. Baldrick's site,
please go to:
This afternoon, I sent the following email to friends and family on our update list.  We
would like to share the information with anyone who comes here also.  We are
announcing this today, as our tribute to a cancer warrior lost.  Due to illness, we
were not able to attend his Celebration of Life today.  We're as sad as we are angry
that such a celebration even needed to exist.  Please help us fight for the day no
one can imagine those anymore.  Please join us in not only celebrating these
children, help us FIGHT to keep them here.  
Hello friends!  Good grief...its been waaay too long since I've pestered you!

As most of you know, I was in a pretty awful state of mind when I wrote my last few mass emails.
 I won't lie, the weeks/months that followed were probably the lowest point we've been since our
life as a medical family began.  We're reaching a better point of acceptance now and are
beginning to emerge from our self-inflicted isolation.  We heartily apologize to all of you.  We
haven't meant to be quiet or unfriendly - we've just really needed to concentrate on our family,
and on figuring out how to move forward.  

In that vein, I wanted to tell you I'm working hard on catching up Avalon's site.  I've put up
several new posts, with Feb actually being current, and January nearly done.  As I type this,
Oct and Nov entries are open in my site building program, awaiting their pictures.  The more I
work, the more I find I want to share - so I hope things will keep flowing.  

I'm actually writing to you today to tell you about one more step we're taking to try to climb back
out of our depression, and onto the road to activism for our cancer kids.  Nick is GOING BALD!  

Nick is going to participate in a St. Baldrick's event this year in Columbus.  St. Baldrick's is a
national charity that raises an incredible amount of money for research for Childhood Cancer.  
St. Baldrick's works with Cure Search and the COG - the body of doctors and researchers that
cooperate around the world to work for a cure for our kids.  I invite you to check out their
website and see what I mean, its a great organization.  http://www.stbaldricks.org/#

Nick is participating as a "Shavee" - going bald for the cause.  We are asking you to help us
put a price on his head!  You can see his donation page, and donate in his and Avalon's honor
by clicking on the following link:

If by some chance the link doesn't work, you can go to the St. Baldrick's home page, and under
"You Can Help" - search for a participant..."Nick Evans".  You can also search for our team,
"Avalon's Army."

Speaking of the "Army" - we're looking for recruits!  Any chance you might consider "taking it all
off" for a GREAT cause?  C'mon...you know you've always wondered what its like to let it all
hang out....

Seriously, anyone who wants to join our team is WELCOME.  We promise to sing your praises,
buy your beer, and worship you for all time and eternity.  While my singing may stink, my
cooking doesn't.  How about if I offer you a great dinner and lots of laughs after the event?  
C'mon...have you seen the size of my rear?  I'm not lying about the good food part.  :-)

For my hockey buddies out there, I have to admit I have a secret fantasy.  Wouldn't it be cool if
we could convince a couple of players to Go Bald?  We could have a contest where the fans
donate money in the name of the player they want to see bald.  The player with the most
money - gets shaved right on the ice at a game.  Oooohhhh...I see THOUSANDS of dollars for
our kids! OK, I can dream.  Do you think we'd have any luck convincing one of the guys to do it
with us this year?  I don't know, but I'm willing to start public begging if anyone thinks it will work.

Seriously though, please consider joining us in the fun, and placing a price on Nick's head.  We
are dedicating our team to the memories of three friends we've lost this year: Rachel Alls, Eden
Adams, and Mason Woods.  These were all courageous, funny, delightful children who were
stolen from their families by a hideous Beast.  No matter what Avalon has faced, we still have
her with us, and that's a gift we don't take lightly.  Please help us work toward the day that
families won't have to grieve.  Help us take back the light that Cancer keeps trying to extinguish.

You can help directly by donating a few dollars "on Nick's head".  The St. Baldrick's website has
online donation that makes it easy.  You can also help tremendously by passing this email on
to the same friends and family you've always shared our journey with.  We know the power of
love you all possess...we've felt it 1001 ways!  We know how tough the economic times are.  
Hello...Nick's a stone mason.  Wealthy, we are NOT.  Heck, we're so poor we squeak, but we'll
be tossing money in.  Even if all of us can only add a dollar or two to the pot - together, we CAN
make a difference!  

You have already made a difference in our lives.  Your prayers, your love, your support...you
helped us hang on when we didn't think we could.  You helped Avalon face things no child
should ever have to.  You helped us find hope, and you helped us find Grace.  We already owe
you the world...

...now we thought we'd ask for a dollar or two.  

Many, many hugs and healthy wishes for the coming year.  May each of you have a Glorious
Day today!

Alicia the "fluffy", Nick the "soon-to-be-Bald", Aurora the "texting teen", Ambrosia the "silly
seven year old", Avalon the "Warrior Princess", and Anam the "miserable" (he was in the
hospital for influenza yesterday)  

All we "the's" love "you's" a lot!