March 7, 2005
We need positive thoughts
Sent: Monday, March 07, 2005 11:02 AM
Subject: positive thoughts!

Stinky Avalon day...

She woke up with the shakes.  Her teeth sometimes chatter, she's constantly shivering.  Not to
mention super pale.  We figure she needs to be "topped off".  Heading to Heme-Onc for

MANY thanks to our dear friend Jeannie, who is meeting me at the clinic.  Of course, Aurora
has her post-op checkup at 12:30.  Figures!

Send positive thoughts.  Avalon currently looks (and I would guess feels) like a zombie -
straight from some B movie.  I'll keep you posted!!

Alicia and Avalon

PS Consider her hair going...going...
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