March 8, 2005
Avalon in the hospital
Sent: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 11:59:34 -0600
Subject: Avalon in hospital

Justa quick Hi to everyone.

We are back in Children's, room 5512 to be exact.  Avalon didn't need blood -
the problem may be a bit bigger.  For a while yesterday, they were actually
worried about a stroke.  Thankfully, the CT scan was negative.  Wahoo!!

Currently, we're having issues with her port causing a lot of pain, and
extreme soreness in her left extremities.  We're waiting for blood cultures,
doctors, ideas...  Basically, life on a Heme-Onc unit is a lot of hurry up
and wait.

Apparantly the unit turns reasonably normal children into little bald bats.  
A)Avalon was making me zip her through the halls in a car at 11:30 pm last
night, and B) she's lost nearly all of the rest of her hair since arriving in
her room at 5:30pm yesterday.  She's finally noticing that there isn't very
much left there...

Sissies are here now visiting.  They brought her a Build-an-Elmo from Build a
Bear.  He has on scrubs -and they even got him a doctor bag - so he is
currently "fixing" a smaller Elmo.  She is THRILLED.  Elmo and clothes, it
doesn't get much better.  Well, if Elmo could carry a purse and wear a fancy
hat, she would think she'd found Eden...  By the way, the manager of Build A
Bear overheard the girls talking about who Elmo was for.  He gave Elmo to
Nick for free!  They only paid for the outfit, voicebox and doctor bag.  That
is one giant vote for B.A.B. in my book.  I wanted you all to know that.  
Good deeds and good companies deserve high praise.

We have no clue how long we're here.  You're welcome to call.  I believe the
number is 614-355-5512.  I know for sure the room is 5512, if you call the
main number.

Also, this email won't be going to several people on the list, because their
addresses aren't in my webmail book yet.  If you see that someone is missing,
or if you know how to harvest email addresses from previous emails...please
help me update everyone.  I appreciate the help.

Keep sending the positive thoughts!  Your wishes and hopes made that CT scan
negative, I'm just sure of it!!  The doctors cheered and grinned ear to ear,
and so did we.  Thank you.

We love you- each and every one of you.

Alicia, Nick, Aurora, Ambrosia and AVALON
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels