March 10, 2005
Kindness of Build A Bear
Hello one and all!  This will be an uncharacteristically
short note.  (Try not to faint from the shock...)

As you all know, Avalon had her recent hospital stay.  
During her stay, her sissies went to Build A Bear to make
her an Elmo.  (Avalon is more than a little

The worker who stuffed Elmo allowed Daddy, Aurora, and
Ambrosia to all put a heart in Elmo.  He's stuffed to the
gills with three hearts full of "get well, we love you" wishes.
 The most amazing thing to me is what happened at
check-out.  The manager overheard the girls talking
about taking Elmo to sissy at the hospital.  He then gave
the Elmo to Nick for free.  NIck still paid for the doctor
outfit and medical bag (too stinking cute for words, by the
way).  But Elmo was a get-well gift for Avalon.  

This may seem small to all of you, but I can assure you -
its huge to us.  We may have love in abundant supply, but
money doesn't flow that freely for us, especially not now.  
That dear manager made a sweet gesture "bearable" for
our family.  It has actually meant a great deal to me.  I
logged on to the Build a Bear website tonight, to get a
corporate address so I can write a thank you letter.  I was
shocked when I got there.

Build A Bear has their own foundation that supports
pediatric cancer research!  They even sell a special bear,
called a Nikki bear, that helps fund the foundation.  
(Bonus is - the bear is even purple - this family's favorite
color!)  I am asking all of you to take 5 minutes to go to

and check out the foundation information.  Nikki's story is
only a few paragraphs, but it certainly touched this salty
old lady's heart.  

I'm writing because all-too-often corporate America craps
on we lowlife tax payers.  No question that Build A Bear is
reaping great profits, but apparantly, they are also giving
back.  One manager's kindness has touched our family
and is worth mentioning.  A corporation's obvious
commitment to cancer kids is downright worth bragging
about.  I had to share.  No, we're not getting anything
because I'm telling you this.  I just think the good guys
deserve a chance for your nickel.  The next time you need
a cute little stuffy for an Easter basket, birthday party, or
"love you lots" gift, maybe you'll remember the website.  I
know I will.

Hmmm, I guess I just can't keep it "short", can I?  Fine,
fine, fine...we all have our flaws!  I'll jump down off of my
soapbox now and head off to bed.  Hope you all have a
great day!

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Avalon's Army of Angels