March 11, 2005
Going back in the hospital!

Sent: March 11, 2005
Subject:  Going back in hospital!!

Avalon woke up screaming earlier tonight.  We got her calmed down and thought all was OK.  
She woke up screaming again, this time with a temperature.  We've talked to the Heme-Onc on
call (happens to be our doctor).  We're being admitted through ER.  Will definitely be in for 3-4

Nick will need help.  We've already lost lots of money last few weeks, he has to work this
weekend, and as much as possible, even though we're in.  At least he does, if we want to keep
things like a house and cars...  

EVERYONE:  If you didn't get a an email from the hospital from us this past week - you're not in
the webmail address book.  If you want updates this week, I'll need you to send me a brief note,
so I can add you to the webmail book, when I get the email in the hospital.  I know its
weird...sorry.  Haven't had time to update it from home.

Please send positive thoughts her way, again.  This time, I'm actually worried...

Love you ALL of you,
Alicia and Avalon.
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels