Avalon's Army of Angels
October 14, 2009
Misery...we're in trouble
Today hasn't gone well.  Avalon has had a headache and terrible backache all day.  I even
called Nick and had him buy a new heating pad on his way home from work.  Avalon hasn't
eaten hardly two bites today.  She won't hardly drink either.  She hasn't moved from one corner
of the couch.  We tried changing her position to see if that helped, but it made things worse.  I
think we have a problem.

I called Diane this afternoon, but she didn't get back to me until after clinic closed.  She agrees,
we think Avalon may have a leak from the LP.  (rare)  Either that, or they hit a nerve.  (more
rare)  Diane wants me to bring Avalon in to the ER.  No way!  With surgery looming, I'll be
flipped if I'm going to go swimming in germ warfare tonight.  Avalon is due in neurosurgery clinic
in the morning anyway, so we're going to keep her flat and watch her carefully until then.  I
promised any new developments and I'd bring her in, but right now, I felt safe managing her at
home.  I know it was against Diane's recommendations and better judgement, but ER is so
GROSS and sooo slow...they would have made the whole situation worse.

Awful continues...Avalon got up to go potty and complained of chest pain when she laid back
down.  We got her calmed down in a minute, and she said it was better.  Morning can't get here
fast enough.
Avalon is miserable.  Oliver is trying to help, but he's not
having much of an effect.  :*(