Thursday, Nov. 4, 2004
Sent: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 06:58:14 -0600
Subject: almost home!

Well, thanks to Herculean efforts on the parts of several people...we're almost home!

Aurora is headed home today.  The little ones and I have to go to Dayton for a few days, to
work on some business stuff.  After that, we are homeward bound too!

Sunday and Monday our we-can-never-thank-them-enough friends Marnita, Kevin, Jeannie
and Travis painted our family and library rooms.  They are so cool!  The family room looks
like there is leather or suede on the walls.  You have to touch them to know they're not "soft".
 The library is this funky blue with a glaze on it.  I'm liking it so much, I'm trying to decide if I
to put up this huge mirror that we have - it would hide a lot of the one wall that is really
visible.  I may just have to hide the mirror...

Tuesday the floors were installed.  They were installed by a crew that works for one of our
builders - as a gift to the family.  People are so wonderful!

Wednesday, another friend of Nick's - Rick Heading - installed our new family room ceiling
and crown molding.  Again I say, people are so wonderful!

Starting Tuesday, and finishing today, yet another friend, Jim Aubor, is installing our marble
fireplace.  How many times should one person get to say...people are wonderful!

Nick still has quarter-round molding to paint and install around all of the baseboards - so
there is still work to be done before furniture can go in.  So, sometime Saturday, the furniture
will begin moving back in.

I have never been so excited to go home.  Our house may be tiny - but its the most beautiful
thing you've ever seen!  And I can absolutely guarantee - no millionaire's house ever had
this much love just oozing out of the walls.  :)

Avalon is doing as expected this week.  Face it, chemo is just the pits.  She has finally
started packing on the weight though.  For all of you who know my little skinny minny - its
rather funny.  She's got two full chins and her cheeks are so round they could pop!  Her little
belly and neck are so big, she's had to move to 18 month outfits, I can't button 12 mo around
her neck anymore.  Still no walking, but she does smile and play a few minutes at a time.  
She's also gotten a few words back.  I can't wait until she talks my ear off again.

I should be home to chat with everyone by Sunday.  The phone is currently dead - casualty
of the floor.  It should be up and running again this weekend.

Love to all of you!!!
Alicia, Nick, Aurora, Ambrosia and Avalon
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels