Avalon's Army of Angels
Tuesday October 20, 2009
Tuesday, Day 6
Christina and Lisa came to visit today.  No one could possibly be luckier than us...we are loved
by the two of them!  And they didn't just come visit...they spoiled Avalon ROTTEN.  They
brought her a fantastic Western Bratz doll and a huge, I'm talking Poster-sized HUGE, coloring
book!  The book has Tinkerbell fairies, only one of Avalon's favorite things.  She decided a
while ago that her middle name "Mirabelle" stands for Tinkerbell, as well as for "Belle" from
Beauty and the Beast.  Hah!  Leave it to a 6 yo to decide she's not just one Disney icon...she's

The best part of Christina and Lisa's visit...was them.   Those two ladies make me laugh like a
hyena on steroids.  As per normal, we had to shut the door to keep from being disruptive to the
other patients!  They are so stinkin' funny, my sides hurt when they left.  Truth be told, lots of
what we laugh about isn't A) remotely politically correct or B) stuff that non-medical, non-cancer
families would get.  Christina will have me crying she says stuff that's so hysterical, but when I
try to share it with people, they always look sad...or bewildered....or

One of today's Christina gems had to do with her hair, or rather, her lack of hair.  Christina is a
mere ONE CHEMO away from being done with relapse treatment.  (Can I hear a
Christina is a Ewings sarcoma kid (bone cancer).  Both her frontline (original
diagnosis) and relapse treatments have been long and with very strong chemos.  In the 4 years
we've known her, she's been bald probably close to 2 1/2 of them.  So here we were,
discussing end of tx, new life, big changes, the new 'maintenance' drug they're going to put her
on, etc.  As we were laughing about having to learn to wash hair again, she busts out with...
hairbrush is in retirement!  I don't even know where it is.  Heck, I know it's purple, but I don't
really remember what it looks like!"  
 You non-cancer folks are probably shaking your heads at
the moment.  But trust me...that's funny stuff!

Periodically, our nurses would poke their heads in to see what on Earth we were shrieking
about.  With bald as a cueball Christina, it never took them long to figure out our connection.  
And thankfully, T3 nurses get cancer kids too, so they think we're equally funny.  All in all,
Christina and Lisa totally made my day!  They made Avalon's too.  Christina listened to
Avalon's "Ipod", opened her Bratz doll (with "Christina-proof" packaging) and played with her,
and talked about lots of important things like Avalon's new friend, Anna Marie.  Christina was
the big sissy that Avalon has been desperately missing.  Many, many THANKS to our beloved,
"'Tina" (as Anam calls her) and Lisa.  You two are out-of-this-world amazing!

We had a visit from two more out-of-this-world visitors today, Lynette and Mel, friends of Nett
and Darby's.  The four of them met through Darby's work, although Darby is the only one still
working there.  But, thankfully, they have kept up their friendships.  We just recently finally got
to meet Lynette and Mel at Nettie's birthday party.  It was an absolute unanimous family
decision...we LOVE them!  They are charming, funny, and fit right in.  I felt like I'd known them
both for years.  Lynette and Mel have both had tragic, heart-breaking years recently.  Their
friendship has stood as an absolute testimony to what love and good support can do for you.  
I'm honored they not only wanted to meet us, but I'm THRILLED that they welcomed us into
their lives.  When Annette said they wanted to come visit, I couldn't say "Yes!" to them fast

'Aunt Lynette' and 'Aunt Mel' came and lavished affection on Avalon.  Unfortunately, they also
happened to be there when I was unpacking/repacking my ginormous suitcase, rounding up
laundry to give to Annette.  They were also there when Dr. Kosnik came - so I'm quite sure I
was a less-than-stellar hostess.  I hope they know how much I appreciated them.  Their smiles
and genuine warmth were priceless.  And may we all please shout a Woot Woot!  Mel has a
new job and she's thrilled to pieces about it.  The people she will work with are lucky to have
her.  Woot!

The funniest part of the visit was the ongoing 'Foosball' warfare.  During Annette's birthday
party there was quite the Foosball smackdown.  Since the trash talking continued today...I'm
sure there will be more to report at a later time....

Wee haa for friends.  They make the world go 'round.
The first picture Avalon made with her new
stickers.  She gave it to Anna Marie to help
her "feel happy".
The only picture Avalon made with the first set of
paints that Child Life gave her. The paints were
dried up.  Again, this was for Anna.
Feeling a little better, being silly with stickers.
Looking at a book borrowed from the hospital.
Room decor.  The white lights are skulls...pretty appropriate.  The black garland also has skulls,
we'll bring both of these back with us for future surgeries.  The trick or treat bag has lights that
surround the pumpkin, we can turn it on when we go trick or treating.  And my all-time favorite?  
The electric 'carved pumpkin'.  Look at the design..it's a skull wearing a tiara!  That's hysterical
for a little girl whose skull is about to be hacked apart
AGAIN.  What normal person would want a
princess skull?  Not really sure, but it made me laugh out loud in the store on Sunday. Considering
how much I'd been crying...I figured I didn't care how much this thing cost - it HAD to come home
with me if it could make me laugh!
Little foam people we made.  You can use a glue stick laying flat on your back!  Yay for crafts!!  
Avalon would craft 24 hours a day given the chance.  :-)
All lit up after dark.