Avalon's Army of Angels
October 23, 2009
Home again, home again!
Super short entry.  We're so THRILLED to be home we can't stand ourselves!  We know this is
temporary, and surgery certainly isn't going away...but for now, we're hugging and enjoying the
people we love most in the world.  

The house is BEAUTIFUL!  Aurora and Ambrosia did an
amazing job of decorating for
Halloween.  Everywhere I look, I find something else.  They did a perfect, stupendous,
incredible job, and I couldn't be happier!  

Here's the latest in medical news.  Avalon's PICC line is scheduled for Wed the 28th.  Surgery
will be Fri the 30th or Wed Nov 4th.  Dr. Kosnik is out of town on Monday Nov 2nd.  Truthfully, I
hope they have problems scheduling surgery on Fri.  I want Avalon to get to go to her final big
cheer thing, and I don't want to miss Ambrosia's final soccer game.  Folks, life is all about the
little things....please learn to value every second of them!  

For today, Avalon is safe.  Is her pressure back up?  Yep.  But, we can manage her, and she's
being very cooperative about limitations.  The 'medicine' of sissy love is so much more powerful
than I can ever explain.  Avalon needed this break.  She was far too close to giving up.  Now,
she'll be ready to 'fight'.  

Thanks, in advance, for all of your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.  They help, I
promise you!
Grammo arranged for a special surprise today!  At first I thought it was an
accident, something that had been meant to cheer up the sibs, when Avalon was in
surgery.  No, I was wrong.  Grammo thought the kids all deserved a special treat,
since sissy was home to enjoy it with them.  Grammo sent an edible bouquet!  The
kids were enthralled...  It didn't take long before they were all chowing down on
'fruit on a
steeck'.  (Jeff Dunham fans unite!)  Thank you, Grammo!  It was a
great surprise!