Avalon's Army of Angels
October 25, 2009
Cheering from the Chair
Before we left the hospital on Thursday, NP Christy said that yes, Avalon could go to
cheerleading.  However, she made Avalon "pinky swear" that she would cheer from her
wheelchair.  You see, we all know Avalon's intracranial pressure is back to astronomically high.  
With the length of time it took for her spinal leak to heal, we are very concerned that vigorous
activity, (Um...
cheering) might be enough to pop that fragile spot.  Therefore, Christy trotted
out the almighty pinky swear, the most sacred of promises.  

Considering the fact that the last time Avalon cheered it hurt her joints so much, she chose to
sit down for several cheers, it really wasn't terribly difficult to convince her to take it 'easy'.  As
you can see from the pictures, 'being quiet' doesn't even remotely mean
being quiet.  Princess
Avalon takes her cheering VERY seriously!  She puts all she has...and more....into it.  No
cheerleader ever tried harder, or appreciated it more.  No one has ever enjoyed being 'normal'
so much....

Because we still don't know what Avalon's surgery schedule is, she may very well miss the final
cheer session.  Surgery could be Fri the 30th or Wed Nov 4th.  Avalon's final cheer day is Nov
1st.  Its for the I-9 "bowl games" where the sports organization she is with has it's flag football
teams play in a giant high school stadium in a "bowl" game.  The kids are so excited about it!  
Avalon desperately wants to go, but we'll see if she can.  Just in case she has to miss it, Miss
Nikki, her cheer coach, presented Avalon with her medal early.  In fact, Nikki made a huge deal
out of giving Avalon her medal after the girls performed at Half Time.  So much of Avalon's life
is rotten at the moment, seeing that glowing grin when she got her medal....well, it was
priceless.  Mom weeped, and I'm reasonably sure several others did too.  Miss Nikki, you are
one in a million!  THANK YOU!
I think the best thing to do here is to put up tons of pictures and let them speak
for themselves.  Avalon may not be model material, her belly button may peek out
too often in these pictures, she may not be wearing a superhero outfit....but to
this Mommy, Avalon is the most beautiful, strong, AMAZING 6 year old on the
planet!  I hope you can feel the joy in these photos.  Avalon did....
Game time!
Half-time cheer and dance
She did it!
Medal presentation