Avalon's Army of Angels
October 29, 2009
Trick or Treat
Tonight was Trick or Treat in our neighborhood.  To say the kids were excited is as huge of an
understatement as is humanly possible!  They made excited look calm...

Avalon woke up asking when we could get ready.  She's been counting down to Trick or Treat
since August.  I don't honestly know why it means so much to her...but it does.  Avalon doesn't
really like chocolate, she's more of a sucker, taffy, skittles girl.  She does love candy, but
honestly, that's not what Trick or Treat means to her.  Is it a chance to dress up?  No, I don't
think so, the girls play dress up several times a week.  I'm not sure what the fascination is, but
it's there, and it's
strong.  Maybe it's the chance to escape reality for a while...I know I covet

Whatever the reason, Trick or Treat means the sun and the moon to Avalon.  For Dr. Kosnik to
recognize that, and allow us to have this...well, I'll never be able to say "Thank You" enough!  
I'm hoping this pictures says it all, I'm going to print it for him.  

As per the last few years, our neighbors were less-than-kind to my wheelchair child.  At our
second house, a grandfather and his granddaughter shoved past us on the path to the house,
pushing us into the flower bed.  Yes, you read that right...a
grandfather.  Made me want to cry
and break his hip all at the same time.  

We were shoved several more times during the night...by little kids, teens, and hoardes of kids
who were communicating with absentee parents by cell phone.  It didn't matter if the parents
were there or not though, we overheard more than one conversation complaining about us
being too slow, to just push past us.  Maneuvering the wheelchair around paths to doorways
that have 90 degree angles, is difficult.  We slow down the progress to the almighty candy.

Then there were the homeowners.  Several of them were irritated that Avalon couldn't come up
on the porch to get the candy.  Some made Ambrosia ask for a piece for Avalon...even though
Avalon was clearly visible in her light up wheelchair.  Others, would lean over a little bit - forcing
Avalon to reach out like a beggar.  I caught her from falling out of the chair headfirst onto
concrete steps one time, because the homeowner refused to reach out to her...  Yeah, I love
people like that.  

To be fair, there were a few nice ones.  A couple of people walked to the driveway to meet us,
so we didn't have to navigate the sidewalk to the house.  Lots of people commented on the
lights on her chair, and several more commented on Ambrosia's light up trick or treat bag.  So,
there were nice people, but they are sadly over-shadowed by the callous ones, and again, my
heart ached for Avalon by the end of the night.  Thankfully, she's still too young to understand
several of the slights - but she ends up apologizing and feeling bad that she can't go up
people's steps.  The whole thing makes her feel bad about herself...and that kills me.  

Avalon's chair was a true Halloween chariot.  It has orange garland around the wheels, with
enormous spiders that cover the entire wheel.  Tonight we added the battery-operated LED
lights to both wheels.  She is a glowing super machine!  I couldn't believe how bright the lights
were once it got dark.  Nick said you could see her several houses away.  

I wish I could say tonight was magical....but it wasn't.  I would vote for fun, with a tinge of regret.  
Because surgery has been delayed until Wed the 4th, Avalon will have a chance to Trick or
Treat in my sister's neighborhood on the 31st.  That is always GLORIOUS!  The people are
super-kind, and no one ever pushes her.  As much as I send loud, raucous BOOS to the
people of our part of Scioto Reserve...I equally applaud those in my sister's neighborhood of
Lantern Chase.  They are as special and kind as they are fun.  

Hope you enjoy the pics of the kids in costume.  We certainly enjoyed taking them.  Avalon is
sparkly all over with purple body glitter.  Ambrosia is sparkly with glow-in-the-dark body paint.  
I'm sparkly with random stuff, and Aurora is gross with her fake blood.  All told, we had fun, in
spite of rotten apples!
No little witch has ever been HAPPIER.  
Ambrosia's light up Trick or Treat bag
Avalon's light-up wheelchair wheels.
Avalon's pimped out 'ride'
Going up the driveway - toward our front door