March 23, 2005
Website, shaving Daddy and Ch 10 News
Sent:  March 23, 2005
Subject:  Big News!!!

I did it!!  I finally did it!!!!!!!

Avalon's website is up and running!!!!! Tra la la la la la!

You can "meet and greet" Avalon at

I admit, its rough right now, I have mountains of things to add.  But, its finally open.

Second big news:

Nick will be filmed by 10TV today (in Columbus, OH) for a "feel good" health story.  He has a
date with destiny at Charles Penzone's Grand Salon - to become a baldy like Avalon.  We're
hoping to raise awareness for local pediatric cancer causes.  We have no idea when it will air -
perhaps evening news...but no clue.  If I find out anything, I'll let you know.

Gotta run, only a few hours left to add as much as possible to the website!  Not to mention
pick outfits for the girls, and try to make myself look less like a whale than what I really am.

Love to ALL of you!
Alicia, Nick, Aurora, Ambrosia, and Avalon
March 23, 2005
Shaving Daddy and Ch 10 News continued
Sent: March 23, 2005
Subject:  TV news and Nick

Rats!  I killed myself to get the website up and running - and they won't link to it.  Arghhh....  I
figured I'd have the rest of the day to make sure I got my "Links" in order, so people could find
Circle of Friends and Adventures for Wish Kids.  So much for that!

Penzones wasn't completely honest with us on the phone.  They couldn't shave Nick!  Even
though I specifically spoke to two appointment setters, a manager, and the PR corporate rep,
none of them bothered to tell me that they couldn't make him bald.  Are you kidding me?  What
on earth did they think I wanted when I said, "We want to shave him completely bald, just like
our daughter."  Do these people think that chemo just "shortens" your hair?  It doesn't really
FALL OUT?!!  Again, I say Arghhhh......

The story will be a 30 second blurb or so on the 5 pm broadcast tonight.  They're supposed to
point out that we did this to raise awareness of pediatric cancers (which we did), but they won't
link to the website.  Hopefully, people will choose to find the charity of their choice.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep plugging away at the website.  I still have dozens of old
emails to add, an Angel section, a Links section, a daily journal, and photo album to create.  
That ought to keep me out of trouble for a while.  

Thanks to all of you that have already gone to the site and sent me such encouraging emails.  
I appreciate your support, as I'm a complete techno-idiot and have not the slightest clue what
I'm doing...

Hope to see you in cyberspace...

- Alicia
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