April 1, 2005
Please donate blood!



Forgive me all... that was the sound of me hauling my
rather sizeable derriere up on my soapbox.  I hope you
have a moment to spare...

Last weekend, the Central Ohio Red Cross announced
that there is a severe blood supply shortage.  In fact, the
shortage is severe enough, and has been going on long
enough - that they have chosen to relax some of their
acceptance standards - to allow more people to give.  I'd
say, that's pretty serious.  

I meant to write to you then, to beg you all to become
regular donors.  As you know, our weekend was a bit
busy with chemo and its lovely fallout...so I selfishly didn't
write the letter.  I'm angry with myself for not taking the

Attached you will find a few pictures of Avalon.  If you go
to the website (www.avalonsarmyofangels.com) you'll find
more - attached to this same email (#34 in the Our Story
section).  She is...the face of a blood recipient.

All too often we look at blood donation as an impersonal,
"Why should I take the time?" activity.  If you have any
doubts...feel free to stare into those giant brown eyes...I
think you may find your answer.  Avalon received a
transfusion while we were in the hospital a few weeks ago,
and received another one just yesterday.  In fact, she will
likely receive at least one more within the next few weeks.  
Blood donation isn't an empty, pointless gesture...it is, in
its purest form, a gift of
life.  By offering a few minutes of
your time, and the renewable resource of your blood -
you can give a family their child, their mother, their
grandfather.  You may save the doctor who will someday
cure cancer, or the police officer who keeps you safe at
night.  You may save a future president, or a little girl who
will grow up to become the mother of a future president.  
In as much as every human has the potential to do great
things in the world...you have the ability to steward
another human being through their journey, when they
need the help the most.  

Blood isn't gross.  Blood isn't just for Halloween and
horror movies.  Blood isn't expensive to give.  Blood
knows no race, socioeconomic or age barriers.  Simply
Blood is life.  Each of you has the power and the gift
within you, to share that life with someone who
desperately needs it.  Because kind-hearted people have
shared their bounty, I still get to look into those beautiful
brown eyes and thank the universe every day for gracing
us with her presence.

Please, do the same for other families.  

Log on to                               to find out how to donate.  
This is the American Red Cross blood donation
information site.

Avalon, the people who love her, and the
families of anyone who has ever received the
gift of life...Thank you.
Avalon Easter morning.  She
loves baubles and beads!
Avalon in her Easter finery.  She was
too ill to go anywhere in it, but she
loves being fancy, even if its only at
Pappo is not only a blood donor, he's
a recipient.  Thanks to someone's
gift, he's here to sing and play with
granddaughters who adore him.
generous gift of
blood is making
sure these two get
to grow old
together.  Won't
you please do the
same for someone
else's daughters?
Three loving, beautiful girls.  Three
perfect examples of why blood
donation is vital.
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels