April 4, 2005
Avalon back in hospital, again!
Sent:  April 4, 2005
Subject:  Avalon going back into the hospital

Quick notes:

Its Monday April 4th.  (Happy birthday to Avalon's uncle Darby)

Avalon had another 4 days of at-home chemo, Ara-C this weekend.  She is basically rotten all
around.  I called the clinic this morning because of a fever and dehydration.

She's being admitted from the Heme-Onc clinic at some point this afternoon.  Currently, Nick is
in the clinic with her and she's receiving fluids, IV Zofran, and 2 IV antibiotics.  Preliminary
blood counts have her Hemoglobin at 9.2, even though she just had a transfusion on
Thursday.  Barring some miracle, I'm sure she'll get another transfusion in a day or so.  (Give
blood, give blood, give blood...)

We don't know if the trouble is from the Ara-C, or if her port infection is rearing its ugly head
again.  I'll be here (at home) for a few hours, getting ducks in a row.  I don't expect Avalon to
be in a room for a few hours.  I give up on the stupid webmail thing - it only worked half the
time anyway.  I'll either do updates from home, or I'll fill you in after its all done.  You really are
welcome to call or, better yet,  visit when we're in (as long as you're healthy).  Its not a bother,
its a welcome distraction for both of us.  

As usual, she loves to get your e-cards through the hospital.  www.childrenscolumbus.com  
"patient & family resources", then "staying at Children's" - then "Send a greeting card".  She
should have a room number in a few hours.

Yes, we're stressed.  Yes, we're tired, freaking out, and sad.  But we knew this was coming,
they gave us lots of warning about this stage of chemo.  Welcome to life with
leukemia...sometimes it stinks.  So in all, yes this is rotten.  But YES - she'll be fine, with all of
your help, love, and heartfelt wishes.

Thank you for all you've given to our little family.  Your emotional crutches are more
life-saving than you know...

April 4, 2005
Avalon room number
Sent:  April 4, 2005
Subject:  Avalon has a room

Avalon is in a room.  Since her temperature has gone up since she's been in today, odds are,
we're in for longer than we orginally thought.  Bleck.

She is on J-5 (yippee!!   The people we LOVE)  She's in room 5517.  Her phone number is
355-5517.  Her first lab results are in, and basically... if it exists at all, its low.  Gotta love this
phase of the treatment.

Seriously, phone calls are welcome.  So are healthy visitors.  Hospitals are weird places...time
warps and you get a bit weird after a day or so...  And anyone sitting there thinking that I don't
have too far to go...well, may a few camel fleas find your britches!  

Love to ALL,
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels