April 11, 2005
Avalon at home, hospital pictures
These pictures are much larger than I normally post.  I
wanted to be sure to share the detail of the acts of kindness
offered to Avalon.  Besides, I think my kids' drawings are
This is a poster made by Sophia
Rozenbojm's preschool class.  Sophia is
the youngest daughter of my dear friend,
Nancy.  The teacher and children don't
know Avalon, but their kindness meant
volumes.  Avalon loved the colors of the
rainbow, we practiced naming them often.
 The two smaller pictures are from Sophia
and her older sister, Talia.
This is Avalon's bathroom door, covered in
e-cards.  I may make you crazy asking you to
send them, but she really
loves them!  She likes
to "read" each one, and helps me hang them.  
Best of all, they are bright and colorful, and
make a dull white room cheerful!  
Drawings on the
right side of the
window are from
Avalon's 3 year
old sister.
Drawings on the
left side of the
window are from
Aurora, Avalon's
10 year old sister.
These three pictures are of the back of Avalon's "front door".  
(If you look at the window trim, you'll get the idea.)
This room actually had two front doors.  We were in a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) room.  
They have exterior doors that lead to an ante-room, before the real room.  BMT rooms are
designed for a completely sterile environment.  We landed here only because the room was
available.  However, since Avalon was in isolation due to her fever - it was darn nice to have the
larger room!
Balloons are fabulous pick-me-ups for Avalon.  She
loves to hit them, pull them around, play peek-a-boo
behind them, etc.  We still have balloons in our
family room from the last 3 hospital trips.  She
continues to enjoy them long after we're home.  
Giant Winnie the Pooh and the kitten are from the
Rozenbojms, the huge butterfly is from Aunt Nettie,
and the small Winnie is from a hospital employee we
met through a mutual friend.
This picture gives you a little
perspective on how tiny Avalon
looks in these giant hospital rooms.  
Avalon uses a big bed instead of a
"baby cage" - because I sleep with
her.  As you can tell, I'm not a huge
fan of the "cages".
Every room in the Heme-Onc unit is
equipped with a TV, VCR, Playstation, and
stereo.  I use the area to hang family
pictures and store toys.  This little bit of
"home" goes a long way toward maintaining
our sanity.  Avalon likes to say "Hi" to her
sissies, and "introduce" them to nurses.  The
stuffies brighten the room and seem to
soften it a bit.
Avalon loves to"ride" the bed.  
She knows how to work the bed
buttons.  This trip, she also
figured out how to use the bed
as a slide.  She would shimmy
her tuckus up to the top of the
bed, put her hands up, say
"wheee!" and slide down to the
middle of the bed.  
Just chillin' - watching TV and
getting a transfusion.
Peek-a-boo through the side of
the bed.
Hey, its easier to
get jelly smears off
of a bald head!  
And yes, she
actually eats with
her foot propped
up on the tray.  
Apparantly, food
tastes better that
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels