Avalon's Army of Angels
Tuesday December 22, 2009
Our Christmas card
As per everything else in my world...my Christmas cards are late getting out.  Worse than
that...there are scads of you I don't have an address for.  I wish I could send cards to every
single human who reads either of Avalon's websites.  We firmly believe your kind thoughts and
prayers have helped keep Avalon here with us.   And I KNOW unequivocably...that your
support has helped keep me sane these past 5 years.  

You are our Joy.  We appreciate each of you!  Please consider this a card mailed directly to
you.  I wish I could do better than this, but time and reality have thwarted me.  

If you'd like to receive a
real card next year - please email me at alicia@crazycancermom.com  
and share your address.  Or, you can snail mail something to:
Avalon Havan
7363 Fairfield Lakes Dr
Powell, OH 43065

Either way, I promise to put you on the list of people we pester each year.  

Many, many Holiday HUGS from all of us in the Havan clan!
Twas the season of Merry and all through the house,
Chaos was king, we lost the damned mouse!  

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
With hopes that St Nick won't pause long enough to stare.

My floor's always hairy, the toys piled deep,
The laundry's not done, and there's not enough sleep.

With kids that fill out from toddler to teen
I have to admit, I'm not a house-queen.

We do school online, spending hours a day
staring at computers, in zombie-like ways.

With our medical kiddo, we run trip after trip
to hospitals, and doctors we wish we could skip.

Twas the year of two more brain surgeries, and hair that's buzzed off,
But Avalon's 6 year old smile and bravery is nothing to scoff.

Ambrosia's now eight, plays soccer and all,
She's a model for sure with her smile and tall.

Our oldest, Aurora, is a whopping fifteen!
She's smart, and I'm proud, I hold her in the highest esteem.

Anam, my Anam, my youngest, my son...
He's 3, he's quite ornery, he's a picture of fun!

The year's been quite rotten by standards of living,
Business has stunk, we've not made as much as we're 'giving' (to bills!)

But money ain't all that it's cracked up to be,
We still have our kids, and that's the PERFECT to me!

I'm still plump, we're still poor, but you know what I think?
"We have it ALL and then some"... she said with a wink.    

I hope our note finds you happy and enjoying your life
With those you love most, in the absence of strife.

May you laugh, dance and celebrate in the bestest of ways
And we wish you the most incredible of all holidays!   

Many wonderful wishes for a happy, healthy 2010.  
We hope you find days filled with Love and months filled with Joy

Nick, Alicia, Aurora, Ambrosia, Avalon, and Anam