November 4, 2004
Halloween and Chemo
Sent: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 17:22:29 -0600
Subject: Halloween and chemo
I know, more pictures. Bear with me! :)

First of all, I have decided that Halloween should be the national holiday of cancer kids. For
one night, they can go out and no one will look at them differently. You can't tell if they have
no hair, and masks make perfect sense. You really don't know if that "doctor", or "ninja" or
"arabian princess" you gave candy to, was a cancer kid. How neat is that?  Sounds
simple...but it was really great to be normal for a few minutes.

The girls got to trick or treat twice! We went once at Jeannie and Travis' house in Columbus,
and then once in Delaware in Aunt Nettie's neighborhood. Avalon only went to 8 - 10 houses
at the Columbus beggar's night. Her trip was short, but it was really fun to be "normal" for a
little while.   She trick or treated in her stroller, holding her bag and saying "Thank
you" a lot. Mostly, she just enjoyed being out.

The pictures are of the girls in costume and of their pumpkins at Aunt Nettie's house. Can
you believe that Aurora turned 10 two days later?!  Double digits!! She had a rather icky
birthday, it was chemo day for Avalon, so Aurora sat in the cancer clinic for 4 1/2 hours on
her birthday...whoopee. The nurses all made a point of saying "Happy Birthday" - but I'm still
sure it wasn't what she had planned.  Sometimes it stinks being a cancer sissy.

It also stinks being the cancer kid. The two pictures of Avalon are to show you the changes
one week can bring. She has gained over 3 pounds in about 10 days. (a large amount when
you started out at only 19.5 pounds)
Thank you steroids. If you think back to the pictures from the wedding (just one month ago), I
think you'll see a pretty big difference in her face. This is all part of the game, more rotten
times than good - I'm sorry to say.  But we do get glimses of our cutey in there. We have
learned to be patient and appreciate every smile as if it were pure gold.

Hope you all had a great Halloween. Ours will continue for a while, I bought a singing monster
and a giggling witch at an after-Halloween sale and the girls are in love. So...cackle,
cackle...a Halloweening we will still go!

Love to all,
Alicia, Nick, Aurora, Ambrosia, and Avalon
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