Avalon's Army of Angels
Thursday March 18, 2010
Miracles and Magic teaser with Johnny DiLoretto
and shopping for M & M
The following entry is taken directly from Avalon's CB site.  Pictures
from the early morning taping follow the journal entry.

Sorry for the late notice about the news thing this morning.  I've known for a couple of days -
but I never managed to make the time to get on here and announce it.  

Thankfully, we planned everyone's outfits and did baths last night.  It made for a much
smoother exit at 6:30 am!  Ugh.  I have to say, we're all spoiled rotten by going to school
online.  The kids spend entire days in pajamas sometimes.  We've got so much stress - we've
chosen to let the wake-up/dress/freak out slip out of our little world...  Being tossed back into
crazyland - with the added threat of TV cameras - was a smidge unnerving.  

Alls well that ended well.  We had a blast!  The reporter and cameraman were both very sweet.
 The close-up/slight-of-hand magicians that were there, were MARVELOUS.  "Amazing Aaron"
was a run-a-way favorite for Anam.  Aaron had Anam cackling, and giant dimples shining - all
before 8 am.  

Most of the morning was simply spent chatting with friends.  Every now and again, there would
be a 2 minute "on camera" - then a break and preparations for the next round.  We finished up
the morning with the segment where Avalon got to speak.  They surprised me by asking if they
could put me on camera too.  Oh yeah, we uber plump moms just love that...  Ah well, at least I
had newly dyed hair and make-up on!

I was suddenly bitten by a crazy bug yesterday, and decided to spend the gift cards Aurora
and I received at Christmas.  I called the salon they were from to see how far out you needed
to book an appointment, and they happened to have cancellations yesterday!  The stylist did
my color, and while I "processed", gave Aurora the haircut of her dreams.  I'm not sure how
we'll ever be able to afford to go back - but criminy was it fun yesterday!  We even lucked out
and happened to go on a day that the salon offers daycare.  The three little ones had a
wonderful time playing.  We had to drag them out when it was time to leave.  

From the hair appointment, we headed to the local mall for our big "Event" of the day.  Hold
onto your hats, folks, we have spectacular news to share....  Drum roll please....  Miss Avalon
Havan is the PROUD new owner of PIERCED EARS!  

I do believe these may be the most stupendous piered ears in recorded history.  Just ask
Avalon!  :-)  My little princess hasn't quit marveling at them since last night.  She's constantly
going in and out of the bathroom - pleased as punch to tell us how fabulous her earrings look.  

Since we had Avalon's ears pierced at the Center of the Girl Universe, "Claire's", we made
good use of our trip and shopped for "fancies" for the big upcoming weekend.  Avalon is
currently VERY hair-challenged.  Ah, who am I kidding?  The pathetic little creature looks like
Freddie Krueger and Edward Scissorhands teamed up in some kind of Salon Disaster Movie,
with her playing the starring role.  There is absolutely NO WAY to make her hair look "good" -
so we're going for adorable instead.  I promised we'd look for some sort of tiara thing to go with
her magical princess dress.  If such finery exists - it's nearly certain you'll find it at Claire's.  

Sure enough, Jackpot!  Claire's held a bounty of sparkling loot, just waiting for my princesses
to drool over it.  For Avalon, we found the PERFECT hair clip, it's attached to a comb that we
can slide in front of her bun.  It's not just rhinestones, it's rhinestone "snowflakes" - perfect for
the snow queen.  We also found an adorable dainty rhinestone bracelet that she can wiggle
and squiggle, and make twinkle in the stage lights.  She is beyond tickled.  

Ambrosia and Aurora are special too, so they each came home with a beautiful rhinestone
necklace to wear with their fancy dresses.  We've already planned out everyone's Friday night
and Saturday matinee outfits.  With thrift store finds, recycled dance dresses, and
hand-me-down shoes - we've actually managed to do this all within a pretty reasonable
budget.  However, huge, monster shout outs are due to cancer friends who have shared their
bounty with us.  Mars and Michelle, you made this magic possible for my girls.  I can never say
thank you enough.  And Elizabeth?  There aren't thanks big enough in the entire UNIVERSE
for you!

I do have a  funny for you from yesterday, though.  Poor Anam, he suffered terribly in Claire's.  
It was just sooooo...girlie.    He was horrified from the first second we hit the door.  Aurora did
her best to distract him while Avalon got her ears pierced, but it's not exactly a quick process.  
We had a fantastic clerk who took her time, was very careful, and very thorough.  While
Avalon's mom loved that - "Anam's mom", felt pretty sorry for him.  By the time we oohed and
ahhed and poored over sparkly necklace after necklace - short man had suffered enough.    
He was over it.  I ended up bribing him the last few minutes, by promising a trip to a "boy store"
- the Disney store.  

We finally finished up and paid for our treasures.  As we headed out the door, Anam had a
constant stream of gripes going, "Dis is a girl store.   They got no boy stuff hewe.  Onwy GIRL
stuff.  I don yike dis GIRL store.  I'm going to a BOY store...."  His tiny little man pants were in a
total wad...and it was hysterical!  

The Disney store is only a few doors down, so thankfully, Anam didn't have to grumble for
long.  He recognized the giant ears over the doorway and was thrilled, until we walked in the
door....  Poor guy, the first thing he saw in the door way was a monstrous display for the Frog
Princess.  He surveyed the store (which is 80% princess and pink) and shot me an "I've been
had!" look.  We did some fast talking to convince him there actually were  boy toys in there,
we'd just have to find them.  In all fairness to my Doubting Anam, the ratio really is about 4 -1
in favor of the fairer sex.  I had my work cut out for me.  

After much complaining, and many, MANY "Can I have dat?", we settled on a Handy Manny
cup and playset.  You would have thought I hogtied the Manny himself, and stuffed him into a
bag for the trip home.  No little boy has ever grinned bigger, or bounced higher.  The Cheshire
cat has a Mona Lisa grimace compared to the face my favorite crumb cruncher was making.  
Anam carried his toys as if they were the rarest of gems, and grinned at me the entire way to
the register.  And that...is where he saw it...  

Suddenly, Cheshire Anam let out with a squeal, "I see Mickey!  Dat Mickey Mouse!  Dat's a
Mickey Mouse purse!"  In fact, it wasn't a purse, it was a Mickey Mouse reusable shopping
bag.  I, however, seemed to be terribly misinformed as my son started a stream of, "May I
PEASE have da Mickey Mouse Purse?  Oh PUH LLLLLLLEASE?  (L's are difficult - so he has
to stick his tongue out super far, and really try for one.  He saves the effort for the BIG stuff)  
Mommy, I coud put soo much stuff in da Mickey Mouse Purse.  Mommy, do you see it?  Dat's a
Mickey Mouse purse!!!!  Oh momm, can I PUH LLLLLLEASE have da Mickey Mouse

I said no.  

Right....  Get real!  Who on Earth could say no to a Mickey Mouse purse?  Not me!  :-)  My
very sweet, very silly son scored his second big deal in two weeks.  First a pirate ship, now a
Mickey Mouse purse with a Handy Manny play set inside.  (those 3 inch plastic sets)  He
bounced his way out of the store, and clear across the mallway to find his big sister's in the
teen store.  They were immediately admonished to applaud his "MICKEY MOUSE PURSE!"  I'm
here to report, my girls did me proud.  They properly fawned over the new purse and its
amazing contents.  Good kids they are...

Tired, shopped out, and DONE with spending money for the next 2 years, we finally headed
home.  Anam clutched his purse the entire way, grousing bitterly when he had to let go long
enough to get buckled/unbuckled from his car seat.  As payment, he spent the rest of the
evening "fixing" every piece of furniture he could get his hands on.  There is nothing cuter
than a 3 year old boy reaching into his purse to get his 2 1/2 inch hammer....

Ahh...the simple things in life....

Psst - have you laughed yet today?

I've got a Purse-wearing tool-totin' 3 yo that can "fix dat".  

L to R: Ambrosia, magician Jon Petz, TV personality Johnny DiLoretto,
Aurora got a new fancy haircut for M & M, mom got an update on her crazy color!
Feeling gorgeous and grown up!
After the warnings about "pinching/hurting for a few minutes", Avalon was nervous.  The girl did the
first ear, and Avalon was still squinched up, waiting for something bad.  The clerk said, "First ear
done!  You're half-way there.  Avalon looked at her and said incredulously,
"That's IT?!"  She then
rolled her eyes.  If the clerk only knew what Avalon has already been through...
Getting ready to be a big girl - and pierce those ears!