April 22, 2005
Avalon's birthday in the hospital
Continued again!...
Avalon certainly wasn't alone on her birthday.  Mommy was with her all day, and Grammo, Pappo,
Daddy, Aurora, and Ambrosia got to come visit her that night.  The girls brought her a few
presents, and we let her open some presents that she'd received in the mail.  In the following
pictures, you'll get to see some of her presents, and more importantly...some of her smiles...
This fabulous scarf was hand-knit for Avalon by Nick's Aunt Janet.  Avalon is so little, we have
to double the scarf...and she wears it like a boa.  When Avalon is not in isolation, she loves to
wander the halls of the unit, and go to the playroom.  She insists on "dressing" for each of her
outings.  We keep an assortment of hats, scarves and "friends" for her to choose from for each
of her trips.  She's very particular in her choices...and we have absolutely no say in them!

The pictures in the hospital gown were taken after her port was removed.  She temporarily had
to have a peripheral IV in her hand, and the IV dressing wouldn't fit through the sleeves of her
normal clothes.   
Like I said, Avalon loves to roam the halls of the Heme-Onc unit.  Better yet, she loves a parade!  
This was her birthday parade.  She insisted that all of us must go with her...and heaven help you
if you lagged behind...you and anyone within a 50 foot radius heard about it!

Avalon is wearing another birthday surprise here.  A dear friend sent her this fabulous hat, its
sure to be a favorite all summer.  She's also wearing a Dora backpack from the girls.
The big girls are grinning, Avalon is beaming...I'm a sleep-deprived basket case!
This is definitely one of Avalon's most beloved gifts!  Avalon's soul-friend, Zayla, also has
ALL.  Our families have never met...but we were truly destined to be friends.  Zayla picked
out this princess ensemble and mailed it to Avalon for her birthday.  Avalon walked miles
wearing her "bowa and cown".  She even wore them to meet the local hockey team when they
came to the floor to visit.  Little did the news crew know...she didn't give a fig and a holler
about them...she'd been dressing like this for days!
**Special note:  You'll see this boa again in the "Angels" section!
On the left, you'll see the best idea
we swiped from a fellow patient.  
After Avalon's tea party with Abbey,
we decided we'd try to find a folding
table to take with us, if we ever had
to go back.  We were never out long
enough to look...but Grammo and Pappo
found one!  Avalon eats her meals
there and has a perfect play surface
for toys and crafts.  

The flower on the right was a gift
from her Papas.  Its one of three.  
This one is on her IV pole, the other
two held vigil on either side of her
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels
Avalon's Army of Angels