June 27, 2005
Avalon's fun days
What a crazy couple of weeks around here!  My last email was all about the June 17th, Circle of
Friends event.  Tues June 21 began yet another week of roly-poly, pell-mell, non-stop crazy.  
Aurora attended Columbus Taps! - a week long tap dance seminar.  Columbus Taps! is the
brainchild of Aurora's private tap teacher, Becky Hoag.  It brings world class tappers to
Columbus to teach kids in intensive workshops that culminate in a wonderful Saturday evening
show.  For our family, it meant running Aurora downtown every day, followed by a Saturday
rehearsal/perfomance of the showcase.  Of course, Aurora also had a Kids Of Broadway
performance on Sunday...just in case we thought we were going to get to rest.  

Why on earth do you give a fig about Aurora's tapping toes in relation to an Avalon update?  
Because Avalon actually had lots of fun that week.  While Aurora was in workshops, I would
take Avalon and Ambrosia to City Center mall - which is right next door to the Ohio Theatre,
where the workshops were held.  In the grand scheme of things, I figured that mall shopping, in
the middle of the day, in the middle of the week - was reasonably "safe" as far as germs go.  
After all, the two dozen shoppers in the entire mall didn't exactly make for "crowded"

So Ambrosia, Avalon, and I spent a few days wandering aimlessly through the mall - acting for
all the world like the normal, suburban family - we're not.   Our first day took us to the Disney
store.  With all three of my girls being named after Disney characters (
Aurora Michelle,
Ella, Avalon Mirabelle) - Disney stores are rather like Mecca to our family.  We had to
pay homage, we have no choice...  

As usual, there were a few things in the store that simply
had to go home with us.  The girls
found small vinyl beach bags that had pictures of the three of them on the front (Sleeping
Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle).  As if that wasn't perfect enough...the bags were also glittery
and had hot pink, holo-graphic sequins in the handle.  I mean, c'mon...these were pure
perfection!  To complete the look, Ambrosia found pink and purple, glitter-embedded flip flops
with princesses on them!  No four year old has ever been happier.  Best of all, mommy
envisioned being able to toss out the god-awful giraffe-print foam flip flops from Toys R Us.  
The ones that Ambrosia would love to live in...oh yeah, pink and purple glittery plastic was FAR
preferable to those...

As if Ambrosia was not already in nirvana...she then spied a Cinderella "cell-phone".  Now this
isn't just any old cell-phone, Cinderella actually talks to you on it,
and its a "picture" phone.  I
thought that kid already had big eyes.  You should have seen them when they grew to Jupiter
proportions as she looked at me pleadingly in regards to the phone.  It took a hot 1.2 seconds
for her to enlist Avalon's help in the matter...and then I was facing two sets of Jupiter orbs.  I
admit it, I caved.  After all, $5.00 each didn't seem like too much for a trip to Jupiter...

Being the funny little people that they are, Avalon and Ambrosia couldn't wait to enjoy their loot.
 We were 10 feet out of the store and they were begging for their goodies.  Ambrosia instantly
whipped off her sandals, in lieu of her new "'parkely" ones.  She put her beach bag on her arm
like a designer purse, donned her favorite sunglasses...and made her way through the entire
mall "talking" on her cell phone.  Not to be outdone, Avalon also put on her fancy shades,
tucked her purse next to her in the stroller, and began serious conversations with Cinderella.  
To complete the picture, you need to know that Avalon was barefoot (she has an aversion to
shoes and is well know for tossing them "overboard" when we're in public) - with her feet
propped up on the front bar of the stroller like a Lazyboy.  As she leaned back, with her shades
and cell phone, she looked a bit like a mini Hollywood "starlet" being pushed in a private
chariot...  People didn't even bother to try to hide...they laughed outright at the site of my two
princesses.  In fact, they laughed for days...the girls insisted on taking their "accessories" with
them every time we went back to the mall that week.  Its good to be a diva...

Saturday was the Tap Showcase for the performers of Columbus Taps!.  We were nervous
about taking Avalon, because theaters are one of the giant no-nos in cancer town.  We ended
up sitting ourselves in the front row, to distance us as much as possible from the rest of the
crowd.  The bonus was that the girls could see the performers up close and personal...and
they loved it.  That is...for a while.

With each act, Avalon would say, "Where 'Rora?  I see 'Rora?"  

"No, not yet..."

"Where Rora?"

You get the idea.  Finally, 4 or 5 acts into the show, it was Aurora's group.  Avalon and
Ambrosia cheered and clapped and were thrilled...unitl she left the stage.  At that point, "Where
'Rora?"  became "
WHERE 'RORA GO?!!  MY WANT 'RORA!!!"  If I really was honest, I would
have changed that font to 46.  Avalon began blood curdling shrieking, leaving me no choice
but to run with her to the hills.   Our first stop was the women's restroom.  I plopped myself on
the floor of a stall (ewww), hiked my fancy theater dress to the moon, and nursed her.  Nope,
no luck.  As soon as she was done she not only began shrieking about Aurora, but now she
added Daddy to it.  (Poor Ambrosia was never on the list..)

Thank you good theater accoustics...my only choice was to head for the wide open spaces of
the parking lot.  So, Avalon and I spent the show outside in front of the building.  It was
pleasant enough...until the monsoons came rolling in.  When it was just raining, we could stand
under the small overhang by the door.  When Noah went by on a raft, and lightning offered to
sizzle us...we headed inside to the vestibule.  

Avalon finally agreed to stop screaming, basically, only so she could get further inside and
away from the thunder.  That would have been wonderful - if we weren't locked out!  Oh yes,
the inner door was locked.  No problem, I thought - there was a dad bringing his son out to the
restroom.  He can let us in.  Nope.  He looked me straight in the eye, and turned his back to
me, completely ignoring my door-banging, asking-for-help, holding-a-baby self.  As I was
wishing camel fleas into his shorts and several other odious sentiments...a second dad came
out.  Same hope, same door banging...same outcome.  Yep, I hoped his kid peed on his foot.

Finally, two acts before the end, an elderly man came out to the lobby.  I banged, I begged -
finally, he opened the door.  As he headed past me to the parking lot, I thanked him, and
warned him about the door locking behind him.  He said, "Oh, you mean you were locked out
here?"  ACK!  Chivalry isn't just dead...its buried, decomposed and turned back into a bush...  
Either that, or men really are utterly clueless.  You decide.

All in all, it was an interesting evening.  At the very least, we never had to worry about germ
exposure, Avalon and I spent the majority of the evening under the stars.  Oh well, you just
have to give in and laugh sometimes...

Have a great day!
Alicia, Nick, Aurora, Ambrosia, and
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels