August 8, 2005
Alicia's reunion, Avalon's Army Fundrasier
As many of you know (and several of you attended...), I went to my 20th high school reunion
this weekend.  I'll write more than anyone wants to read very soon, I promise.    However, I
also promise I'll keep most of it confined to the website.  The short version is, Friday night
was fabulous!  There were close to 300 people there from Beavercreek.  I'd say only 5-10%
of that were spouses.  It would take 1 hour to walk across the room, because you'd see  so
many people to talk to. I found out from Nick on the way home, that I spent an hour standing 5
feet away from someone I was complaining I didn't get to talk to - and never knew it!  It was
really that crazy.

We didn't go Sat night - not many people did.  Saturday morning they only had 128
registered, all couples.  (so only less than 70 of our classmates)  I guess a few more came
last minute - but not many.  From what people said, Sat night, there were large tables, and
people tended to sit with people they already kept in touch with, not much mingling like Friday
night.  Everyone said they had fun, though - and that's what matters.

The picnic was fun, kids, kids everywhere!  Most of the people had been at the Friday night
event.  Some of them, I had seen - but not been able to catch up to that night.  It was much,
much easier to talk when the music wasn't blaring.  In fact, talking to several of my old friends
was way too easy.  I'm completely miffed at myself for having lost contact in the first place!
I met wonderful wives and husbands...lots of great people married other great people we
already knew.

I wholeheartedly admit, I stunk at names.  I would look at someone...remember parties we
went to, school assignments we fretted over, football games we yelled at...and not have the
slightest clue what their name was!  A smile would be exactly the same, and I would draw a
complete blank on the name.  It was maddening.  I'm going to spend the day looking up
names in my senior yearbook, to save my sanity.

All told, between the 5K run, and the raffle, and a few very generous benefactors...they
raised over
$3000 for Avalon's Army!  I couldn't believe it.  I wanted to cry and cheer all in the
same second.  We really graduated with some amazing people.

In all, I had hideously large amounts of fun this weekend.  I was in dire need of recharging my
batteries...I think I was a little below E.  A thousand hugs later, I remembered why I liked these
people so much, and what a wonderful foundation I had for life.  I'd forgotten how great it is to
be around so many huggy people.  When I went to college, and on to life, I never realized that
it was such a blessing to have grown up with people who show affection.  We have good
friends now, who are grand huggers.  I remember being stunned when we met them -
because years of normal, stand-offy people had sort of taken my "hug" away.  With every old
aquaintence and warm embrace...I remembered how lucky I truly was to have known them.

I'm determined to keep up with several people we saw...and to look up several more who
didn't come.  As I know all too well, life is too short.  

Hope you all had a good weekend!  I'm recharged and ready to update my brains

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