August 10, 2005
Major League Baseball and cancer kids
Quick "Hi!" to all of you.

Monday, I was contacted by one of the social workers from Children's about helping out with a
pediatric cancer event.  Of course, I said yes - depending on Avalon's numbers tomorrow.  As
you all know...I'll trip over myself to "spread the word" about our kids.

The "event" will be at the Sunday, Aug 14th Cleveland Indians game.  According to our social
worker, Major League Baseball (MLB) had adopted pediatric cancer as a cause it wanted to
support.  They were offering free tickets to the game for families of cancer kids...and were
looking for a family willing to go down on the field for a ceremony.  We agreed happily, as long
as Avalon's numbers are OK tomorrow.  Because we were iffy - I also said please try to find
someone else more "for sure" if you can.  It certainly wouldn't hurt our feelings!

This morning, I decided to look up this "initiative" on the CureSearch website.  I wasn't so
pleased with what I found.  Shortly after looking into things further, I happened to get a phone
call from the social worker - that we weren't needed anyway.  We were, however, still welcome
to use the tickets.  Avalon has had a few very physically stressful weekends lately, so I politely
opted out - since we really wouldn't be "helping" anymore.

A few minutes ago, I received an email from my mom asking about the game - the following is
my response to her.  Basically, I'm more than a bit irritated with MLB, and thought my soapbox
was worth sharing with you.  Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth?  Yes, technically I am.  
Here's the thing many of you have given your hearts - and considerable money to
this dare MLB suck so much of people's discretionary income, and then pat
themselves on the back for such a
paltry humanitarian effort.  I truly do appreciate every
single dollar given to pediatric cancer causes...its just that this one smacks so Overwhelmingly
of "positive public relations" and so Underwhelmingly of actually caring for the cause...that I
personally am a tad bit insulted.  

Kudos to those of you who really care, really work for the cause, and really think about the
children and families whose lives are forever altered by "the beast".  I applaud you, I embrace
you, and given the opportunity...will shout from the highest rooftops to thank you!  I wish more
corporations would take a cue from your hearts...

My original email to my mom:

Sorry, Freda can't film us.  They found another family, with an older, more dependable child.  
We've opted to not even go to the game and stress Avalon's body - since they don't need us.  
When I talked to the social worker today...she was less than impressed with the whole thing.  
Apparently, its been badly organized.  

I had gone to the CureSearch (national pediatric cancer organization) website to see what it
was all about.  The thing is, Major League Baseball is only doing something for the month of
August, 2005 - no more.  In addition...their "initiative" is split equally between pediatric cancer
and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.  This isn't about cancer at all, its about trying to win
back favor with the crowds.  Of course, no one bothered to tell Children's that BGCA is
included.  That's not a great mix for cancer kids.  In addition, there is supposed to be a big
picnic before the game...but you have to have special tickets to get in, and they didn't send
any to Columbus.  We would have to have relied on someone meeting us at the gate...etc.  
Poorly organized, poorly thought real interest in cancer or the well-being of our kids
at all.  

And this big initiative?  On July 28, 2005, the MLB donated 1 million dollars to be split between
cancer kids and BGCA.  I was intrigued so I looked the following up.  According to USA
TODAY, the average Major League baseball salary is over $2 million dollars a year!  The
median salary (statistical middle point, removing the super big earners) is over $900,000.  
These are yearly salaries!!!!  OK, so the same people who make this much money...have
banded together to bestow (with corporate help!) a
whopping $1 million dollars to be split
between two organizations?!  Oh boy, knock me down with their generosity...(yes, HUGE
sarcasm intended there...)  Basically, I'm appalled at their ridiculous cheapness.  

May God never choose one of their children to be tortured.  I'm not sure they'd even bother
going to visit them.

Major league baseball has batted maybe a 100 on this one...  

- one rather disgruntled cancer mom...  

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