Avalon is turning 2!
On April 22, 2005
You're Invited to a card party!

 Avalon has been blessed with an enormous circle of new friends this year.  
You have all helped her reach her second birthday, and we are eternally grateful.  We're
inviting ALL of you, especially our "forward" or "web" friends that we've never met, to please
send her a birthday greeting.  Tell Avalon about yourself, send a card, an email, send pictures
of your family, send drawings...let your heart be the guide.

In fact, we're asking you to pass this website and notice to as many people as you can, let's
start an avalanche of cards and support!

Why?   We started a scrapbook for Avalon, right after diagnosis.  We'd like to
include each of our loved ones in it, both old and new.  You're important to us - and she should
know about each of you - as she someday looks back on this adventure.  We'd like her to know
that her story...and her struggle...touched people across the country.  It gives the journey a
purpose.  We are interested in all of you...

As you pass this website and request on, hopefully we'll raise awareness about pediatric
cancer issues.

Besides, Avalon feels AWFUL right now, and loves to "read", mangle, chew on, and play with
cards!  Mommy will do anything to help her feel better...or, at least, forget for a while just how
miserable she is...  A mountain of cards would be good for days of hugging, carrying, and

Who?  Anyone and everyone is invited to come "play" with us.  In fact, the more
people you invite to the party, the better!

We're hoping to host a giant (real) picnic to get to know lots of you this Summer.  Right now
though, Avalon's phase of chemo is very difficult, and she's not up to a party.  So, we're having
to organize this "virtual" party for her.  Anyone you know, anyone whom we pester with
everyone is welcome to join us.  Drawings, notes, cards, poems...we keep it all for her.  
We'd love to "introduce" her to each of you!

When?  Avalon's 2nd birthday is April 22nd.  We've only got 4 days left!   

Where?  Our dear friend, Jeannie Mackowiak, has agreed to collect the snail mail
for us.  Frankly, our local post office is so bad, we probably wouldn't receive 60% of the mail, if
it came to us directly.  Jeannie is kind enough to play postal princess for us.  You can mail to:

                           Avalon Havan
                    c/o Jeannie Mackowiak
                      6365 Montford Rd. W
                       Columbus, OH 43081

We appreciate each of you.  Hopefully, we'll get to hug all of you someday.  Your strength
helps us move through each hurdle and face each day.  We'll never be able to thank you

You are loved!
Alicia, Nick, Aurora, Ambrosia, and Avalon
Avalon's Army of Angels
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