February 1, 2005
Mom is a giant klutz...
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 9:22 AM
Subject: No, I'm not kidding...

In the "you-won't-believe-this" category...I'd like to recount our past few days for you.  
Sunday, our kitchen sink developed a major leak, rendering it useless until further notice.  
Monday morning, our hot water heater died.  Monday afternoon, a wooden stool broke as I
stepped onto it in the bathroom - throwing me against a wall, which then shot me into the sink,
which richoted me onto the bathtub.  

At 12:30 am I finally got the ER verdict.  Hairline fracture on the top of my foot - Yay! no cast
necessary.  Couple of cracked ribs, and a "Whoo-boy are you going to hurt for the next few
days!".  Yeah, thanks.  The ER conversations went a little like this...

"Why are you here?"

"Apparantly, the size of my derriere exceeded the capacity of a wooden stool we have."

Followed by generally trying not to laugh...until I gave them full permission - then they

"I'm giving you a pain prescription."

"That's OK, I really don't need it."

"Oh, you will."

I am here to report that, indeed, I would swear there is a baseball bat with my name on it

According to the ER attending, "Your story just made our night.  Its been pretty rotten here

Yeah, glad to be of service.  Realistically, I did hear several people being extraordinarily rude,
and they were swamped.  I suppose my aching back, shin, ribs, foot and knee might as well
cheer someone up!  Geez though, you think they could have at least fudged the
height/weight numbers for me...out of respect for all I did for them.

From a bruised, smelly, soon to be buried by dishes, less-than-super-mom...

Have a great day!
- Alicia
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