June 22, 2009
Reach the Day - Day 1
Avalon's Army of Angels
The following pages are snapshots taken of Kate Shafer's slide presentation for
Reach the Day participants.  I was NOT smart enough to take these pictures!  All the
credit goes to a fellow attendee, Dan Cohen.  Dan has graciously agreed to allow me
to steal his photos and post them here, for anyone who is interested in reading them.  
Dan's website is:

Please check it out, and drop him a line if you appreciated these slides.  I, for one,
think he's a genius for having the presence of mind to photograph them!
This is the photograph showing President Bush signing  the Caroline Pryce-Walker Conquer Childhood
Cancer Act.  The child to Bush's left is Eden, daughter of Rourke,  that I mention often in these posts.  The
two children to Bush's right, are Hannah and Duncan, the other two children I mention often.  I firmly,
whole-heartedly believe that Eden's honest and soulful plea for her life...is what swayed several of the
hold-out senators.  (including one from OH)  Eden gave everything she had to attend RTD last year.  She
made a difference.  

She is missed.
It wasn't until Dan shared these photographs with me, that I realized some of the slides contained the
photo you see above.  When I saw it, I was so excited!  If you can't tell, the photo in the lower R hand corner
is dear little Eden, and her father, Rourke, at last year's Reach the Day.  As soon as I realized it, I called for
my daughters to come look.  We all agreed that I simply had to try to focus in on it.  Then...I happened to
switch to the next "slide".    Apparently Dan thought it was an adorable picture too!
Those glorious eyes....